Find Your Purpose


Well so much for me keeping my promise to keep up with the blog lol.  Much to my surprise the day that I wrote my original post was the day before my wonderful nephew was born.  That being said the work I intended to do that night before and during time we were at the hospital on the blog did not happen.  So now that life has gotten somewhat back to normal I’m back on the blog train.  Lets hope I don’t derail as fast this time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my purpose in life.  It is my feeling that we are not put on this earth to just live and work and die and that’s it.  There has to be a reason that God put me on this earth.  I’ve struggled with this a lot lately.  I’ve been married 7 years but I don’t really think I’m an exceptional wife.  I’m not the best house keeper nor am I the best at making sure to grocery shop or do laundry on time.  I am aware of my flaws and bless my poor husband he is such a help.  I know we were put on this earth to love each other but I don’t think that’s my only purpose.

So it must be something else.  Well it can’t be that I’m the best daughter or sister.  I’m terrible at calling people or checking in.  I often find myself so tired after work that I will do nothing else but sit in my room alone and not speak to anyone.  This terrible character trait also makes me a sucky friend too.  So this must not be my purpose either.

Work.  It has to be work right?  That’s a negative ghost rider.  I made 10 years at my job in January and I have found this year to be one of the hardest I have experienced so far.  I barely move from my spot in my office but I find myself beyond mentally exhausted on a daily basis.  I have been faced with challenges every single day since the school year started.  Sometimes I can cope and sometimes I think they are giving me an ulcer.

Ok so if I’m not the best wife, daughter,sister, friend or that great at work what is it?  We already know about my no kids issue so its gotta be something other than that.  Maybe its theater life.  Maybe finally I’ve found my calling and know what I’m good at.  Well if you would have asked me back in October I might have said this was true but now I just don’t know.  10 years of auditioning and I finally made a show.  An amazing show and I loved it so much.  Then I spent the fall working on 3 shows and loving it the whole time.  But once those were over what do I do?  I’ll audition for another show.  I’ve got to hope that I’ve gotten better at my craft and I should have a decent shot.  NOPE!  I auditioned for a show and it was a big no again.  This has me questioning everything all over again.  Was getting into that one show a fluke?  Am I a one hit wonder?  Do I think I am better than I am?  At any rate I’m not sure if this is my purpose either.

So what is it?  Why am I here?  I’m not sure if I’m really meant to know but I sort of wish I did.  This is something I really need to work on.  Maybe I don’t need to know.  Maybe I just need to figure how to be ok with just being me.

Play By Play: Movie Edition


Well blogging again needed to start somewhere.  On my search for blog post ideas I thought about doing a movie play by play.  You know like they do on Buzzfeed.  We just got a Hulu subscription.  We’ve barely used it so there is plenty of options for us to choose from.  Of course I go straight to the “Back to the 80s” section and look for a good movie.  I stopped on the Love is a Battlefield topic and there it was…Fatal Attraction!  Neither of us have seen it and its a boring Tuesday night so why not.  So without further ado here is our Fatal Attraction play by play.


  • T “what is this movie about?”
  • You know its the one with the crazy lady who boils the bunny
  • Oh man that kid is watching old school Nickelodeon and people are getting slimmed.  I miss that.
  • Did Micheal Douglas always look like a middle aged man?
  • That is Michael Douglas right?
  • T “yes dear”
  • T ” the child repeating shit down the hallway would so be my kid”
  • Glenn Close has scary eyes right off the bat.  You should have known she was trouble.
see crazy eyes
  • Is the old guy with the neck brace from the Parent Trap with Lindsey Lohan?
  • Hold on IMDB it
  • Yep that’s the grandpa
  • T “I’m sorry she is not cute at all”
  • Hello that escalated quickly
  • Is water a sexy foreplay thing?  Is that normal? and why are you trying to walk with your pants at your ankles
  • There are some serious red flags already this lady is nuts
  • This lady is nuts, it deserves a repeat
  • I mean for reals she is nuts
  • Did she just try to kill herself?!?!?
  • I’m sorry but your wife is way more attractive than the crazy broad
  • Oh Sookie’s grandma is his secretary
  • The crazy lady is showing up at your work.  Shoulda got a restraining order then
  • She literally spent 2 days with the guy and she has officially lost her mind.  That must have been some good lovin
  • T “I’m bored.  I’m going get chips and salsa”
  • Oh Herman Munster. So many fun people along with the crazy
  • I need to IMDB this movie
  • Its as old as I am
  • This movie may be 30 years old but crazy girls still pulling this today.  Spend one weekend together and they are in love and prego.
  • Don’t sneak in her house she gonna find you!
  • Glenn Close man you really making me believe in your crazy
  • Ah snap the crazy has made her way into your house and is having tea with your wife
  • So much for changing your number.  The crazy lady ain’t stupid
  • T “I bet she isn’t even pregnant”
  • uh oh poor bunny doesn’t even know what its in for
  • Why hasn’t somebody sent this lady to therapy
  • When was the last time we had a car with a cassette player in it
  • Ok I can’t anymore I’m cheating
  • I really can’t tell if the kid is a boy or a girl.  Ellen or Alan?
  • Poor Bunny
  • Poor Wife
  • Legit this lady is nuts.  I don’t even think I can say it enough
  • Was that lovin really worth it Michael Douglas, I don’t think so
  • You know she ain’t dead
  • T “yes she is he drowned her”
  • *crazy lady jumps out of the water* told you
  • stupid man coulda killed that psycho how many times now and the wife had to take care of business.
  • Crazy….All of it

Well that was fun but next time maybe we will pick one that isn’t full of psychos.  Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Return of the Blog


I’ve been floundering.  I have been tired and sullen and frustrated and I need an outlet.  I have decided to bring back the blog challenge.  Some days I won’t feel like doing it but I am going to make a promise to myself to keep up with posting for 30 days straight.

I always liked to write in a journal but I never seem to have time for it anymore.  No more excuses.  Its time to bring back the blog.

Here goes nothing.

A Day With Judy

So many negative things have been going on this week that I needed to get outside of the social media bubble and go back to a simpler style of entertainment.  Before the world of the internet if you were not reading something or going to the theater you could find enjoyment in film.  I love movies.  Nothing compares to live theater but a close second to me is a nice old musical.

I’m not really sure where I came from in my family.  None of my other families members enjoyed the same things that I did. When I started college Netflix became a thing.  This was the absolute best thing for me because I could get my hands on the wonderful films I was so interested in.  There were so many I had heard of but never seen and I loved them all.  The more I watched the more I fell in love with Judy Garland.  She may be the most amazing entertainer ever….at least in my book.  For my birthday Terry bought me a TCM Judy Garland collection.  I decided today was the kind of day that needed to be spent with Judy.

Annex - Kelly, Gene (For Me and My Gal)_01The first one I started with was called For Me and My Gal.  I was absolutely delighted when I realized that Gene Kelly was in this movie.  In fact this was the first movie he was ever in.  This may very well end up being my favorite one from the group.  Its the kind of movie that makes you want to fall in love.  Its the kind of movie that makes you want to get kissed like those that only happen in movies of the Golden Era.  I just want to dance with Gene Kelly.  I just adored the line “why didn’t you tell me I was in love you?”

3155eef1950c8a334f0b25b4103f9a41The next one I got to was called the Harvey Girls.  It was based on the real story of women that worked at Fred Harvey restaurants along the railway.  These ladies brought about charm and civility to towns that were just forming.  Judy started off this movie as a mail order bride going to meet her beau.  When it turns out neither one of them like each other enough to get married she becomes a Harvey Girl.  They had some very catchy tunes in this one.  My favorite part though was surprisingly not Judy in this one.  A young and amazingly beautiful Angela Lansbury was a saloon girl and she was stunning.  This one also had those great kisses that leave the women weak at the knees.

garland-kelly_optThe next on my list was wonderfully another one with Gene Kelly.  This one had some really great dancing and a fun story.  I especially loved one of the scenes with Gene on the stage by himself where he uses a creaky floor board and a newspaper to do a lovely tap dance.  This one did make me a little sad though.  Judy didn’t seem herself as much in this one.  I went on to read that this was her last film with MGM because they fired her.  She was at the height of her addiction and stopped showing up to work.  This just breaks my heart.  Just think if things had been different what a great talent we would have had for so much longer.

In_the_Good_Old_Summertime_6820192My last one for the day and one that I’ve seen several times is called the Good Old Summertime.  This is one of my favorite stories.  It started out as the Shop Around the Corner.  Then it was turned into this movie musical.  Its also a Broadway show called She Loves Me and most recently another movie called You’ve Got Mail.  I’ve loved this story since the first time I saw The Shop Around the Corner.  I’ll have to write another post someday about how it influenced one of my favorite gifts I ever gave to my husband.  This time the shop is a music store so it gives you lots of chances to hear Judy sing.  And oddly enough just like the first movie it contains the line “We didn’t you tell me I was in love with you?”

A morning with Randi bowling and a day with Judy made for a good day for me.  I pray that things will change for the better for everyone soon.  Until then all I can do is pray for all those hurting right now.

Idiot Report

american idiot

Next week I will start a new theater journey.  I will be moving from my comfort zone in the U High auditorium to the big leagues of Theater Baton Rouge.  I know this may sound silly but I’m slightly terrified.  I have plenty of experience running a rehearsal.  I’ve done as much as one can do in the theater without having any formal training so it really won’t be that bad but I’m still scared.  Is it the fear of the unknown?  Is it the fact that I have to learn to sink or swim?  Is it the fact that when I’m on book I’ll have to be reading lots of expletives and somehow I know my Mawmaw will find out?  Who knows really.

I am excited about this show though.  With the exception of the Little Mermaid I’ve only ever done things backstage.  Its been over 2 years since I’ve been able to be a part of a production staff or tech crew.  Its hard work.  Most people don’t realize how much has to happen behind the curtain for the magic on stage to work.  But this is work that I enjoy doing.  Just to say you helped with the creative process and worked with people to get an amazing end product is so rewarding.

So next week will officially start my new blog series titled the Idiot Report.  I’m excited to share what working on the other side will be like, the different relationships I will form this time around and how things work in a different theater space.  Thank goodness I don’t hate em cause its about to be Green Day all day everyday!


Pack up + Go

Today one of my co-workers was telling us about an article she read about a start up company called Pack Up + Go.  It sounded so awesome I had to look it up myself.

This company provides something similar to what a travel agent could do but so much better.  Its all a SURPRISE!  That’s right you book with them and you don’t get to find out where you are going until the day it happens.  The company plans 3 day/2 night trips all across the US.  You can choose a budget and whether you want to travel by air or road trip.  Then you fill out an extensive survey to help them plan for you.

You can book packages as inexpensive at $350 per person for a road trip and $450 for flying.  Transportation and lodging are the only things included in the price so you do need to save up for food and activities but they give you a map with awesome suggestions of places to eat, things to see, and things to do.
I just think this sounds so great.  The worst part of a trip to me is the planning….unless its Disney World.  I always want to  try new things but I get nervous not knowing about new places.  The cool thing about this site is that they have people in all of the places they send you to that can vouch for the places they suggest.  They also like to send you to interesting places off the beaten path which sounds much better than a Holiday Inn on the main highway somewhere.  Plus I would love someone to send me to a place where you would never think to go.  Another cool thing about it is that you only need 3 weeks advance notice to plan.  So if you decided at the beginning of the month you want to do something you can be on a plane by the end.  Check out this article which is much better at detailing the experience than me.  Also go check out their website, Pack Up + Go and their Facebook page, Pack Up Go Facebook, to read testimonials from travels and see pictures from their adventures.
This may just be the ticket for our next wedding anniversary.

Mermaid Chronicles: Last Edition

Now that I’ve had time to process that this amazing adventure is officially over its time to close out this chapter of blogging.  I’ve learned so many things from this experience.  Some of the things I will carry with me are:

  1. Get a good dresser!  If you have multiple quick changes in a show a good dresser is the key to your success.  Ms Marie was AMAZING!  Especially when the two of us teamed up with Sydnee to get things accomplished I was not stressing about if I could get to places on time.
  2. Wearing jazz shoes for 3 months will kill your feet, your back, and your ankles.  They are basically walking barefoot with a small piece of leather between you and the ground and a heel that digs into your foot.  So make sure to ice those ankles and wear supportive shoes when you can.
  3. Being silly can make even the worst day better.  A good game of heads up in the green room, a funny costume or wig swap or even just a good snapchat photo session can pick up the mood among the cast.
  4. There is gonna be a little bit of drama but that’s ok.  Sometime a diva moment will happen.  Sometimes cast mates will butt heads.  Sometimes you wanna throw something when you can’t find your eyelash glue.  But it will all be ok.  We would not be in theater business if we didn’t like a little drama.
  5. Be prepared!  Think of every single possible thing you would need and add it to your bag.  I was thankful for the many articles and pin boards I read before setting up my dressing room.  I had scissors, meds, clear nail polish, extra bobby pins, q-tips and so many other things that were helpful to not just me but my friends around me.

Most importantly take the time to get to know people you are working with.  These are your people.  You all are there for the same reason…you love theater!  Why else would you subject yourself to months of rehearsal and no social life.  Its for the joy you get to see on a tiny child’s face when they meet a mermaid.  Its for the 6 part harmony that can bring an audience to its feet.  Its for the high fives after nailing a really hard dance.  These people are there for you.  They share your struggle and there is so much to learn from them.  Nothing is more fun than a room full of girls ranging in ages from middle schoolers to seasoned pros all singing Whitney Houston in harmony.  I love those people!

I will be starting a new theater adventure in a few weeks therefore I will be starting a new series of blogs but I do have to say how very special this has been.

Show Choir Lock Ins

With a new crop of show choir kids coming up I’ve been trying to outdo my yearly tradition…Show Choir Lock In.  Every year since the group started we spend the night in the school auditorium and madness ensues.  Because I love a good theme we have had some crazy themed lock ins.  My favorite was the Hunger Games.  I spent hours upon hours making crazy slideshows, games, and gathering props to have a wild night of fun.  The choir was broken into districts but they were not the normal Hunger Games ones…we were Broadway district.  I know I know….so cheesy.  We had the Lion King District, the Les Miserables district, the Hairspray district and in each one there were 3 to 4 characters from each show.  Hey I had a lot of time on my hands that summer no judgement.

The group leaders dressed up as capital members.

We played district games.  For example we had a Phantom of the Opera district where the team members had to light candles and follow and obstacle course without the light going out.  We had a Les Miserables district where team members had to build a barricade with whatever items you could find.  There was the Annie district where you had to find hidden toys.  We also had the Lion King district where members were blindfolded and guided through the jungle by their team.  You could also get bonus points for singing the circle of life at the end.  We also played tracker jacker tag to find out who the kids buddies were.

The kids enjoyed themselves so much while bonding with each other through out the night.  They learned what their set list would be for the year.  They learned choreography that would be used during the year.  They even got to have a little fun and learn a beyonce dance.  One of my favorite parts of the lock ins is a game we play with little buddies.  Each couple takes a word out of a cup.  Together they must figure out a song that has that word in it.  We have heard all kinds of songs and seen many silly dances while playing this game.  I am looking forward to this years lock in but I will always treasure the times we spent with these awesome kids.


Words of Wisdom from Winnie the Pooh

Some days you just need some words of encouragement.  I’m not sure if its a desire to be young again or if I’m young at heart but I tend to relate to things geared towards children more so than the seriousness of adult things.  For example I love children’s literature.  It doesn’t matter if its a classic book like the Wizard of Oz or if its young adult novels like the Hunger Games.  A character and story I have always loved is Winnie the Pooh.  No matter what he can always make me feel better.  It doesn’t matter if its reading the books, watching the movies or finding his words of advice.  Today I could use some of that positive Pooh thinking so I thought I’d share some of his wisdom with you.

OMG Joey Fatone!!!

Everyone falls in love with a celebrity at some point in their lives.  For me personally my first love was Leonardo Dicaprio.  But my love for Leo is nothing in comparison for my love of Joey Fatone.  Yes the guy from NSYNC. I love cherish and adore that man.  I would leave my husband without question if he asked me to.  I just can’t even describe my love.

My love for NSYNC dates back to circa 1997.  I was a hater of the backstreet boys at the time and jumped on the bandwagon as soon as I Want You Back came on the radio.  I remember sitting at home waiting for TRL to come on so that I could get a glimpse of the latest video or interview. I could, actually still can, sing all of the lyrics to every single song on every single cd.  My room was covered in posters and cut outs from Teen Beat magazine of the band but most of all Joey.

When I got to high school my love for him did not wane.  I remember adding his song Ready to Fall to my iPod when the movie On the Line came out.  To this day that song remains on there no matter what other music changes.  I remember absolutely having to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding because he was in it.  I watched the Singing Bee and got the board game when he was the host.  I watched Dancing with the Stars religiously when he was a contestant.  Seriously I love this man.  I almost cried when he got married.

They always say you carry your first love with you forever and this is true.  I LOVE YOU JOEY FATONE!  Call me 😉