You Have to Start Somewhere…

I have had some serious ups and downs and losses and confusion in the last few years.  No matter what I do things never work out.  I seem to have the worst luck possible on so many levels.  I’ve decided to stop letting my bad luck rule my life.  I am taking control.  I am in charge of what happens to be from this point forward.

That being said I have decided to start a blog to document my journey.  This will be helpful to me in many ways.  It will keep me accountable to myself.  I can document my good days and bad days and everything in between.  My methods of coping will take me anywhere to visiting old friends, cooking new foods, reading new books, trying new things or just overcoming a regular daily obstacle.

I will start this journey by being honest with myself and whoever else cares to read this.  I am a crazy person.  Not “oh girl you so crazy” kinda crazy I mean “need to be in the nut house” kinda crazy.  I’ve been seeing a doctor for the last year to help me cope with anxiety, depression, ADHD, panic disorder and agoraphobia.  In the past few weeks these things have all reared their ugly heads and made my life difficult.  I will make this get better and so I begin my journey….



3 thoughts on “You Have to Start Somewhere…

  1. I am reading your blog and encouraging you to keep at it. I started keeping a journal when Ronnie was sick, and although I don’t always keep up with it, it’s good to be able to write when you need to — it helps me a lot. Stay strong and stay positive … you have a lot to offer.


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