Ode to Nicholas Sparks

In light of this very nice long Labor Day weekend, I thought I would start a new book.  When things get really tough for me I usually try to occupy my mind with simple things.  Sometimes that means watching Doc McStuffins on the Disney Channel and sometimes that means reading “fluff” books.  Fluff books for me are those that indulge my love of romance and a good story but does not necessarily require a profound meaning or even be that thought provoking. It may seem silly to waste my brain power on something so trivial but when life is so stressful on a daily basis a little bit of fluff is just what I need.


I don’t care what anyone thinks but I LOVE Nicholas Sparks books.  Especially ones that have a movie.  Yea Yea I know…they all basically have the same plot: there is some sort of relationship that is not meant to be, there is a force tearing them apart, lots of happy, lots of sad, someone dies.  I have already read Safe Haven, The Last Song, The Lucky One, Dear John, and The Notebook.  All of which have a movie based off of it that I subsequently own.  Right now I am reading The Best of Me (movie coming this fall).  From what I have gathered in the first few chapters and the movie trailer it is pretty much a mix of The Lucky One and The Notebook put together which is just fine by me.  The movie also has James Marsden in it who in my opinion is very underrated on the good looking actor scale and deserves and nice leading role after his character got screwed over by Allie in The Notebook.

I plan on getting as much reading in as possible before I have to go back to school and sports and crazy.  Thank goodness for a little bit of fluff.


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