Strike A Pose

I wear many hats at the Lab School. Here lately one of the bigger hats I tend to wear is that of athletic social media guru.  In a world that is so technology driven it was inevitable that school systems start using social media sites in different ways.  Our front office uses Twitter and Facebook to communicate with parents, students and alumni to share news and announcements for the school.  This will be my 3rd year as the voice behind the @UHScubathletics Twitter page.  I’ve also added the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Vine to the means of communication I share.  This is actually pretty fun for me.  No one really knows who posts on these sites unless they ask me.  Its like I’m the Gossip Girl of U High Athletics.

I also have become somewhat of an amateur photographer for our athletics department as well.  I have worked for Mr Bobby Montero since I was in 9th grade packaging pictures, handling orders, and doing paperwork.  I few years ago he had to leave an event and needed someone to take pictures.  It started with dancing then progressed to weddings and team pictures.  I don’t think I’m any kind of genius behind a camera lens but I have come to love taking pictures.  As a thank you last year Mr Bobby gave me my own fancy Nikon D40.  You would think he had given me pure gold.  I’ve used that camera to shoot engagement pictures,  arts performances and even on the field of the Superdome shooting the football state championship game.

As I started this year with an athletic event I realized that my precious Nikon was not working out for the action shots I need for athletics.  I took a shot in the dark asking my athletic director could I possibly purchase a school camera for athletics that I can use.  In her awesomeness she said “go for it”.  So last Friday I excitedly purchased a Canon Rebel T5i that I am waiting oh so impatiently to try out.  I’ve been watching tutorial videos and learning as much as I can so that I will be ready to use it as soon as it comes in.  So for all of you Cub fans out there beware because I will be all over the place taking pictures and they will be posted on every social media website I can think of.  Hooray for U HIGH!!!

Canon Rebel T5i
Canon Rebel T5i

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