Geaux Tigers

Since today is the first LSU home game of the season I wanted to go back and remember some good times at Tiger Stadium.  Unfortunately I was not able to afford my season ticket this year so I won’t be going to any games.  As much as a bummer as that is I can truly say there is not better place to be on a Saturday night then in Death Valley.  From the time we were little my mom used to ask us every year “would you like to go on a family vacation or do you want LSU season tickets?”  The answer every single year was football, which for a family of four girls may seem odd.  We had more fun sitting in that north endzone than any vacation we could have gone on.  It wasn’t until the last few years that the 4 of us stopped going together and instead brought friends or boyfriends.  It never is quiet the same though.  We’ve made friends all around us. We’ve watched kids grow up each year just like they’ve watched us grow. We’ve yelled and stomped and clapped until we couldn’t anymore.  We pouted as the fans rushed the field after a victory and mom wouldn’t let us join in the fun.  We’ve sat in the locker room with Papa looking at all of the jerseys.  We’ve hit the Win post walking out onto the field before sprinting across to the endzones and taking pictures on the eye of the tiger.  We’ve danced and tailgated and laughed and really enjoyed each other.  I’ve got such fond memories as a family on LSU campus that I will never forget.  Now lets see if our Tigers can get a win tonight without giving us a heart attack.  Even though we won’t be together I’m sure the 4 of us will all have something to say on Sunday morning about the game.


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