The Dreaded Pinterest Project

My doctor told me I need to start doing things for me to get over some of my anxiety.  I’ve tried to take his advice and have invested more time in things I like.  I’ve read more books, matched more movies, talked to more people and done some art projects.  By no means would I call myself truly artistic but I do love a good craft project.

Ever since Pinterest came out all you ever hear about is how bad someone fails at a project.  You always see people pinning ideas or saying how bad they are at it but you very seldom see success stories.  I’m not tooting my own horn here but I’ve had some major success with things I’ve gotten off of Pinterest.  There have been some really yummy recipes I now incorporate in my list of dinner options such as the copy cat recipe for roasted tomato soup that I had in California at the Corner Bakery.  Or the cool workout shirt I made for Show Choir Camp last year.  Or this super awesome pig I made out of rice crispy treats for our Hunger Games Lock In last year.

he did have an apple in his mouth with an arrow through it at one point
he did have an apple in his mouth with an arrow through it at one point

I’ve decided to try some more projects in the near future.  Here is a list of some projects I plan to try before the end of the year:

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Fried Ravioli

Craft Room Organization

Mom’s Wedding Centerpieces

Work outs for those with asthma

Vanilla Extract for Christmas

Happy Pinning everyone and may the Pinterest Gods be ever in your favor!


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