Disney World Blues

I am sad today.  Because of many unforeseen circumstances a long planned Disney World trip we were going on for school had to be cancelled.  It would be less than a month away and it bums me out.  Its no one’s fault but it still stinks.  Why, because Disney World may just be my most favorite place in the whole wide world.  I don’t care if you think it is overrated.  I don’t care if you think it is overpriced.  To me it is nothing but MAGICAL.

So instead of pouting today I will share my Disney knowledge.  I’ve become a mini expert on Disney vacation planning so if I can’t use it myself at least I can put it out into the universe for someone else to learn.

My Top 10 Disney World Vacation Tips and Fun Facts

1.  Go Ride the Mine Train!!! The Newest addition to Fantasy Land has opened.  The seven dwarfs mine train.  The ride is not only a thrilling roller coaster but also includes a musical number from the dwarfs themselves


2.  From mid September to mid November its the annual Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.  With over 25 different culinary booth its a must for any foodie.  Don’t miss out on the Grand Marnie Slushy in France or the cheddar cheese soup in Canada.

3.  Meeting characters is not just for the kiddos.  My favorite thing to do is to talk to face characters.  If you are from Louisiana make sure to visit Tianna and Naveen and tell them which parish you are from.

4.  Looking for a different resort experience, try Fort Wilderness.  This was the absolutely coolest place to stay.  We traveled in January with my mom and Paul and we stayed in the camper.  There were late night camp fires, large clean bath houses, sing along, and horse riding.  The coolest thing to me was traveling by boat to the Magic Kingdom.  Terry and I were lucky enough to take our own gondola boat early one morning and its a memory I will never forget.

5.  Learn the rules of the My Magic + System.  Sure it may seem like a hassle now but its totally worth it.  You can book all of your Fast passes 30 days in advance.  That way on the day of there is no chaos of running around the park trying to get passes for hours later.  This system is great for being able to plan your day ahead of time.

6.  Go find your favorites.  When I went a few years ago with choir to Disney World I tried to be the grown up, but when it came time to meeting Ariel all bets were off.  She has been my friend since I was a little girl and I literally cried after meeting her.  Yes I know its a college age child in a costume acting but to me it was just as special as meeting THE mermaid herself.

7.  Try new things in Epcot.  There are lots of things to see in the World Showcase.  Many take this park for granted because it does not have the same amount of rides as the others but there is still lots of fun to be had.  Take a ride on Maelstrom in Norway, have a margarita in Mexico or my personal favorite pick a pearl in Japan.

8.  Book your dinner reservations now!  Even if you don’t use it book it.  You can start booking dining reservations 180 days in advance.  If you want to eat at Be Our Guest Restaurant you better mark down the date because you will not be getting in otherwise. Some of the best restaurants I recommend  Via Napole in Epcot, Sci Fi Dine Inn in Hollywood Studios, Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom and Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom.  Also don’t miss great food options in Downtown Disney like T-Rex Cafe or Earl of Sandwich.

9.  Do try the animation studios drawing class in Hollywood Studios.  Even if you do not consider yourself an artist this is so much fun.  A Disney animator will teach you to draw one of your favorite characters and then you have a souvenir to keep.

10.  Enjoy yourself.  There is no other place like Disney World.  Try Everything.  Audition for a part in Belle’s Enchanted Tales.  Try new food.  Ride Mount Everest even though it scares you to death.  Watch Tinkerbell fly over the castle.  Kiss Mickey Mouse on the nose.  Do it all.  Don’t leave regretting anything.


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