The Magic Nun

Sister Dulce Maria

I was introduced to Sr. Dulce at the beginning of the year by my dear friend Amanda.  Terry and I had been going through some tough times with infertility and we were just down and out about it.  Amanda said she heard of this healing nun from a friend of hers.  The nun met with her friend, prayed on her belly, told her some medical issues to check and low and behold not long after she was pregnant.  Amanda had gone to see her and said it was such a powerful experience we just needed to go.

Now I was very skeptical at first after hearing about this.  To me it almost sounded as though she were a psychic of some sort which I did not believe in.  Plus I didn’t want to walk into a meeting with someone and get false hope when we have been told medically children aren’t going to be possible for us.  So I started asking around about her.  It seemed like every time I mentioned her someone had gone to see her or knew someone who had gone to see her and she was on point.  I heard stories of illness that was discovered where doctors said there wasn’t, I heard stories of suffering from cancer because God was using them as a sign of strength, I heard stories of terminal illness that was cured in the time frame she said.  It just amazed me that so many people had heard about her when I never had before.  It also interested me that they heard about her just when they needed help or strength.

Terry and I decided to make an appointment with her.  We had no idea what to expect but on Lundi Gras we met with her.  She was a very short chubby lady in a wheel chair.  We immediately learned that she was very honest in her opinions so we had no idea what she was going to say.  She looked at me and asked if I had recently gotten my thyroid check, which I had, and she said its going to take many many months for that to get regulated, but when you do you will get pregnant.  I looked at her like she was nuts.  We went to meet with her to help us in the grieving process of not being able to have children.  Instead she told us we were for sure going to be having our own baby.  She prayed on my belly and spoke to God who she calls Papa.  She looked at me and said “papa says you need to lay off the salty snacks”.  I made a funny face at her because even though I may be on the heavy side I am usually not much on snacking.  She looked back at me and said “the cokes”.  Now at that I shut up because my biggest problem is drinking too many cokes.

She went on to pray on Terry and speak with him saying he needs to be careful with his heart because it could be hardening.  At this point I was ready to call a cardiologist immediately because she was making me nervous.  She left us saying that we needed to go back and see her and that when I get pregnant I’m to call her immediately because I will not have an easy pregnancy and she will need to help me through it.  I have no idea if any of this will come to pass.  What I do know is that recently one of her predictions from Papa not only came true but has come true in detail!

I’m not sure how it works.  If she really has a direct line to God or she just gives you hope to get yourself healthier and pray harder and work harder for yourself.  Whatever it is I have heard so many stories of hope with her name attached to it.  Who knows maybe you are reading this post because you needed to hear about her.

check out her website:



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