Thank Goodnes For A Good Book

I started feeling bad on Tuesday and thought it was just my asthma and the weather change.  Fast forward to Friday and a very long doctor appointment later and I have pneumonia.  Oh course I do.  That would be about my luck.  So as I have been heavily medicating and coughing all night long I have been entertaining myself with books.  After my wonderful Nicholas Sparks book I decided I wanted to read a series.  I hate reading a book and getting so invested in a character just to have it end 300 pages later.  That is why I enjoy series so much.

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and read the Divergent series.  I bought the movie last week and liked it but I always like reading the book after.  The book is always better.  If you were like me and haven’t read these yet its basically about a distopian society that is broken into factions to live peacefully sort of like the Hunger Games.  The factions are Abnegation, Dauntless, Candor, Erudite, and Amity.  Each faction lives by a basic principle so that all of the factions can live in peace.

This got me thinking…could I really live in a society like that?  Could I pick just one aspect about myself and make it my sole purpose in life?  I know for certain I could not be Dauntless.  They are the brave faction.  I am certainly not one for adventure that is outside of my comfort zone and I would not be volunteering to jump off a building or into a moving train.  So that one is out for me.  I also do not think that I could be Candor the honest faction.  This is not that I am liar or don’t believe in being truthful I just don’t think I could be so blunt all the time.  I genuinely concern myself with how other think of me and if I were in that faction I’m not sure if I could take the brutal honesty.  Erudite seems to be the most corrupt faction in my opinion so just on principle I would not choose the intelligent faction.  I also am not sure that I wouldn’t bore myself to death just reading and studying all the time.  The two I think I could belong to are Abnegation the Selfless faction or Amity the Peaceful faction.  Abnegation lives for doing things for others.  They are not vain or boastful.  They help those that are factionless and don’t even allow themselves to look at their reflections in the mirror.  I think I could be in that faction but for the wrong reasons.  I think I could live that life simply because of my low self esteem.  It would be easy to focus on others always.  It would be easy to not have to look at myself in the mirror.  But I think for me its more of a selfish reasons behind that so that doesn’t work.  So that leaves me either factionless or Amity.  I think of all the factions this is where I would go.  They are kind and mellow and help each other.  Granted they eat “happy bread” to keep up their good moods but whats the difference between that and some zanex really.  So for me I think I am Amity.

How about you guys?  What life would you choose for yourself?  Are you Brave, Selfless, Intelligent, Peaceful or Honest?  Choose wisely because choices can not be undone.


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