Getting Back To Normal

Things have been somewhat chaotic for me the last few months.  Life has thrown some significant twists and turns my way and I’ve tried to accept it with as much grace and as little anxiety as possible.  I even gave myself a pat on the back when my doctor told me he was proud that I hadn’t had a nervous break down (he wasn’t joking either).

So while I’m busy trying to get my life back in order I’ve been trying to do things I enjoy a little more to decompress.  One of the things I really enjoy is photography.  I am by no means a professional, but I have learned a lot and I feel like I have some good instincts.  I’ve worked for Bobby Montero for almost 15 years now and he has been such an awesome person to learn from.  I started my picture taking journey when he couldn’t be there for a dance recital.  I love love love dancers.  I get so excited when I can anticipate what they are going to do and come out with a great picture.  The past 5 years I’ve taking pictures at the BSOD recitals and it has been an honor to do so.

10273810_10103286380588985_3116263482279030437_n 10151918_10103284748824055_8096508023934900459_n 21219_10102171010060465_1683514802_n10295723_10103284748045615_526421453555533104_n

I’ve also been taking sports pictures at my job the last year.  I have found this very rewarding.  I catching not only the action of the games but important moments that mean a lot to the kids, parents and faculty.  I’ve been able to contribute a lot of my work to next year’s centennial book as well which makes me feel a little more legit.  It was especially great to be on the field in the Superdome as our team won the state title in football this year.  Catching that joy in their faces is something I will never forget.

10422552_267451103379172_8829142736437243846_n 15917_267455300045419_2893869532852162399_n1513753_267452806712335_7889519912110006869_n10696323_267457846711831_770642709309028588_n

I was also honored to take my mothers bridal portraits.  She was absolutely beautiful and no one desired a perfect wedding more than she did.  We drove out to Franklinton to my step dad’s childhood home and camp to take these photos as a surprise.

11399_10103966026478175_769167544654877508_n 10405371_10103966026762605_541615881834539396_n

Lastly my newest in devour has been taking family portraits.  A family I have know my whole life, the Landrys, asked me to do a family photo session of them.  I had previously done a shoot with one of the Landry kiddos with her friends as a birthday gift and had a ball.  This one was even more special because you could honestly feel the love radiating off of them.  I was honored to have taken these photos.

1185103_10203688602478933_1293950316_n 1184880_10203681328657092_783965412_n 1972405_10203688602118924_1381040557_n 10850012_10203386514164697_4523222509456095478_n 10526074_10203386515564732_1991447189096199969_n 10869706_10203386515124721_3932326348777270386_o

I’m certainly not perfect at this and I’m learning new things every time I do another shoot.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to use my creative side a little though and I look forward to many more great picture days.


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