Puppy Power

A few weeks ago as I was driving to working listening to Kidd Kradick morning show I heard a story about service dogs.  The lady had written a letter to the show asking for help to get her husband a service dog.  I was thinking her husband must have lost a limb or was wheelchair bound but what he had was PTSD.  I couldn’t figure out what a dog would do for PTSD but I kept listening.  They explained that the dog would be able to help with the anxiety the veteran was feeling.

I thought some more about this and did some research on the effects of pets for people with anxiety and depression.  There was overwhelming amounts of positive research.  I found things that said dogs help keep you active, they keep your mind off of your problems, they satisfy the human need to be touch and keep you in a routine.  As I thought about this I really realized there is a lot of truth behind this.

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I’ve got two puppies that I love with all my heart.  They are my fur babies.  Uncle Tony is a schnoodle and I have had him since I was a senior in high school.  He was given to my whole family but we had a special bond and when we bought our house after we got married Tony stayed with me.  Brees is a dachshund that we adopted 9 months after we got married.  Terry had wiener dog almost his whole life and when the opportunity to get Brees came up I knew we had to.  They are completely and totally opposite animals.  Tony is nothing but chill.  He likes to take naps, he has one toy bunny thats hes had since he was a baby and that the only one he likes, and he is a snuggler.  Brees on the other hand is all over the place.  He likes to run.  He likes to jump.  He likes to ruin shoes and clothes and furniture by digging and eating everything.  But he is also sweet and protective.

The last two weeks I have been suffering with panic attacks pretty significantly.  And a few days ago  I realized that my dogs know when something is wrong.  They will sit next to me or snuggle up when they can tell I am upset.  Brees will sit and watch me if he knows I’m having an attack to make sure I’m ok.  When I’m crying Tony comes up to me and lets me pet him which actually does take my mind off of things.  I know people say that pets can sometimes be a burden or costly but I’m very glad I have my puppies right now.


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