Begin Again With A Challenge

Social Media has been covered with challenges lately.  30 days of weight loss.  30 days of gratitude.  30 days of your favorite songs or memories.  So to get myself back in the swing of things blogging I have decided to do my own challenge.  I will do 30 days of blogging.

After looking on Pinterest I decided to do a combination of a blog and writing challenge…here goes nothing.

Day 1:  20 Little Known Facts About Yourself

1.  I am the oldest child and grandchild in my family

2. I have 7 siblings ; 1 real sister, 1 half brother, 2 half sisters and 3 step sisters

3.  I went to Catholic school from Pre-K to 12th grade

4.  I am afraid of frogs (I know, I know)

5.  I took dancing for 17 years and wish I could still do it

6.  I consider Ariel, the Little Mermaid, my oldest friend

7.  I love to cook restaurant copy cat recipes

8.  I wish I could have been in old Hollywood musicals with people like Judy Garland and Gene Kelly

9.  My favorite thing ever is Broadway musicals but I have never seen a show on Broadway even though I have been to New York and been to many touring productions

10.  I could literally watch the Food Network all day everyday and be happy

11.  I really love scavenger hunts

12.  I have lived in the same parish my entire life

13.  Since we no longer have cable Terry and I have become obsessed with watching  Youtube videos about Disney World in anticipation for our next trip

14.  I would rather wear pearls than diamonds

15.  I am terrified to be an older mother…if I get to be a mother

16.  I like to paint

17.  I hate taking medicine

18.  I want to travel to Italy just to try all the foods

19.  I think my mom is the most loyal, hard working, kind hearted person ever and I don’t tell her enough

20.  I don’t like cake


Until tomorrow….


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