Day 4: TV Show You Are Obsessed With

This will probably be the least original post on the planet because like so many others I am completely obsessed with


I refused to jump on this band wagon for a long time until the student workers in the office kept talking about it.  I got on Netflix and started the first season.  It didn’t take very long to realize why everyone loved this show.  It is a constant mix of emotions…rage, shock, sadness, happiness, shock again.  The episodes usually end up in my screaming at the tv.


 If you watch the show you have to be on a team.  Just like the old Team Edward/Team Jacob decision you have to pick a side Fitz or Jake.  As much as I loved Scott Foley on Felicity back in the day I just can’t choose Jake.  Olivia and Fitz are just meant to be.  I know its kinda wrong root for the mistress and the married man but I want them to have Vermont and Jam and all things nice.


My favorite character in the whole show though is Huck.  He is trouble and crazy and often times makes me gasp out loud when he does things but I still love him.  I am currently watching the end of Season 4 and he finally gets something good and I’m hoping it continues even though he used some pretty extreme measures to get to where he is.


And since you can not just watch one episode of this show I will probably go home tonight and finish the season.  Then I will have to sit very impatiently waiting for September so I can see what happens!


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