Day 6: Dream Job

This is one I really had to think about.  There are two ways I think when I think about my dream job.  I think realistically what could I achieve and I think if there were limit on what I could do what would I want.

Lets start with the more realistic option.  In reality I do not have a college degree therefore I am limited in my choices of occupation.  I do however really really love my job.  I never imagined working in accounting.  I never imagined working for an Athletic Director.  But here I am doing both and enjoying things here at a wonderful school.  Because I can say I like this so much there isn’t a lot of would like to change on the employment front except for one goal.  As I have worked more here I have realized that I really enjoy my tasks within the Athletic Department.  Its grown from me doing just paperwork to me participating in events and at some points taking charge on things.  My dream is to one day become the assistant athletic director at my school.  I don’t want the head job I just want to be the assistant.  It may be silly and unrealistic but I plan on retiring from this school and the only goal I have really set for myself is to do that.

Now for the more unrealistic dream version.  If money were no object and I could do what I wanted I would like to open a performing arts school.  All of my passions in life have something to do with dance, art, theatre, music.  Its hard to make a living from those types of things, but if given the chance I would open a school that taught dance, acting, singing, musical instruments, theatre performance and much more.  Yes I know there are places that already exist like this.  There is even one as close as 30 minutes away from me but that wouldn’t stop that fact that I would like to bring that love of the arts into the world in my own way.  I can’t think of a better life than one surrounded by like minded talented people who have a passion for what they do.  I would be happy every single day if I was teaching a tap class or stage managing a production.  And since it seems as though my sabbatical from the arts department here will be another year longer I especially wish I could make this dream come true now.

Who knows one day I could have one or both of these come true.  Until then I’m still trucking along enjoying my work days (most of the time) and feeling blessed that I don’t hate getting up to come to work everyday.


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