Day 11: Awesome YouTube Video

My favorite YouTube video is less of a video and more of a channel that I really really enjoy.  Through our tough times my husband and I like to pretend that we going to run away to Disney World.  It is no surprise I am a huge lover of all things Disney.  I even managed to convert my husband to a Disney fanatic as well.

Since we know that running away isn’t really an option we like to plan trips instead.  Trips that are in the very distant future but trips all the same.  We started to watch YouTube videos with POV of rides just for fun.  Then we discovered a channel call The Time Tracker.  Its daily vlogs from a couple, Tim and Jen, from Orlando.  Yes they have some really great Disney videos and Universal too but they are just great to watch.  We have watched so many videos we feel like we are friends with this couple. Tim is pretty cool and has a sweet mustache to boot while I have total envy of Jens array of different Mickey ears.

If you like anything Disney or Universal or simply want to learn a little about the parks check them out!


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