Day 12: The Best Movie Ever

Movies are my hobby.  I am not a cinematic professor but I do frequent the $5 movie rack and I know a good one when I see one.  Its hard to say what my absolute 100% all time favorite movie ever is.  I have deeply loved many movies, The Little Mermaid, Never Been Kissed, Meet Me in St. Louis, but the one that sticks out to me is When Harry Met Sally.  Let me just say pretty much any 80s movie is awesome.  Even better is any 80s movie with Meg Ryan.


This movie is the perfect Rom-Com.  Its funny.  Its romantic.  Its witty.  Its heart-felt.  I love it all.  Most people only know this film for the very iconic “I’ll have what she’s having scene”.  While this is very amusing it is certainly not the best part.  Rob Reiner who also directed another one of my favorites, The Princess Bride, did such a wonderful job with this film.  It has Princess Leia as the super awesome best friend.  Billy Crystal is hilarious and lovable and you would fall for him too.  I especially like the interviews with couples throughout the movie who talk about how they meet.  The best part by far though is the speech that Harry gives at the end of the movie.  If you are concerned about a spoiler DON’T WATCH.  But if you don’t care and wanna see the best movie speech ever go ahead and click below.  You won’t regret it.


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