Day 16: Something You Love

Letter To My Husband

Dear sweet man I get to call mine,

I am sorry that I am so crazy.  My anxiety monster has a way of taking over without me noticing and I am not always the nicest person to you.  But I love you.  Sometimes I blow up on you simply because I can’t control my body.  Like when my eye is twitching or my panic attacks go crazy.  But I love you.

I’m sorry I don’t take my medicine like I’m supposed to and make your peaceful evening turn into Megan’s crazy person party because I’m hard headed.  But I love you.  I’m sorry I don’t say thank you when you tell me I’m beautiful or wonderful.  I know you mean it.  I don’t mean to not believe you I just can’t seem to find that in myself enough to agree.  But I love you.

Thank you for getting my water in the middle of the night.  Thank you for washing clothes.  Thank you for laughing at me when I’m pouting.  Thank you for dragging me kicking and screaming out of the house to go and enjoy myself on a date or with my friends even though the social anxiety monster says no.  But I love you.

Thank you for chasing after me for so many years until I realized you were perfect for me.  Thank you loving me unconditionally not matter what.  Thank you for making all of my bad days better just by getting a hug from you.  I’m sorry I’m a poopy wife sometimes….But I love you.

Forever and Ever



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