Day 17 and 18: a twofer

I knew I was gonna mess up at some point during this 30 day challenge.  So today will be a two for one post.  A restaurant review and what I did today.

This was probably the best weekend we have had all summer.  Terry and I had two consecutive days off together and it was pretty much amazing.  We have been doing better with our finances and were able to keep our second job money to go on a date.  I honestly can’t say when the last time we went one a date was.  So we decided to go to a restaurant we had never gone to.  We ended up at Kona Grill.  I’m not a sushi person so luckily they have lots of other options.  We started our meal with Mai Tais.  Its a nice cocktail that consist of rum, rum, pineapple juice and more rum.  They were a little strong so we were feeling good.

image image image

When it was time to order we got the smoked gouda fondue appetizer that came with pretzel bites and granny smith apples.  I can tell you that was for reals on point!  Terry ordered the miso-sake sea bass with shrimp fried rice and Asian ratatouille.  He thought this was pretty good but needed a sauce of some sort.  We talked to our waiter and he brought us a sweet chili sauce.  That sauce took the dish from a 5 to like a 9.  It was good stuff.  I had the Hawaiian ribye and it was amazeballs!  It was a teriyaki marinated ribeye with mashed potatoes, green beans, fried onion strings and grilled pineapple. SOOOOOO good.

image image image

After dinner we enjoyed sitting around the fountain at Perkins Rowe just enjoying each others company.  All in all a great night with great food.  A little pricey but it was worth it for a night on the town.

image image image image



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