Day 19: How I spend the weekends

Sometimes being broke as a joke means you gotta work more than one job.  Not long after I got married my husband started “bouncing” at a bar one of his friends owned.  After a few weeks he started to work the drive-thru side of the bar.  See here in Louisiana we have such things as drive thru daiquiri shops.  As long as you don’t put the straw in its not an open container lol.  As you can imagine this concept goes over pretty well with our local people so the bar stays pretty busy.  After a few months of me being bored at home, I started going with him on his shifts.  I started helping because, why not i was already there.  After another month or so I was put on the payroll.  He left for the oil field and I ended up staying almost a whole year longer just so i wasn’t home alone bored.

image image image

Fast forward a few years later and we are still poor so we returned to the bar.  This is how I’ve been spending every weekend since the summer started.  I’ve got some lovely co-workers who keep me laughing and having fun.  I don’t need to get a gym membership because I run around for 6 to 8 hours lifting 2 gallon containers over my head filling machines.  In my book that counts for cardio and weight training right?

image image image image

I know people’s stereotypical idea of bar work is not a glamorous one.  But I like to think we are not a stereotypical kind of place.  I have great customers who will cut up with you, bring you dinner or give you a free lunch.  We have a following of puppies who like to stop by the window as well because they get treats when they visit.  I have a good time on sundays when Terry and I work as a team.  Our work schedules are pretty conflicting so its really nice to just spend time together.  Even if it is working.

Hey you gotta do what you gotta do to make a living.  I could think of many worse things i could be doing.  So until i get fancy and rich (yea right) we will be spending our weekends kickin it at Deja Vu.


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