Day 22: Dances for the Soul

One of the best shows on television for a dance lover is So You Think You Can Dance on Fox.  While I currently do not have cable so I have not been watching the current season I do love the show.  Over the years there have been a handful of dances that really made an impact on me.  These are my top 5 dances of all time on the show.

1. My favorite choreographer on the show is Mia Michaels.  This dance doesn’t have some deep meaning but I love the use of the bed.

2.  This next one is also a Mia Michaels number.  It is about addiction and it is a truly powerful piece.

3. This one is a Wade Robison number that is just funky enough to be awesome.  They even brought it back for the anniversary episode.

4.  I’m not sure if anyone else would add this to their top list but this dance was my inspiration for probably the best show choir dance I’ve done.  I was inspired to do an Alice in Wonderland tea party dance after seeing this David Bowie number.

5.  My last one is another group number with pretty much the coolest prop I could possibly think of, SAND.


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