Day 24: A Website I LOVE

I love all things crafty.  So naturally I love  There are so many things you can get from this site.  From jewelery to phone case to monogrammed anything to purses its pretty much got it all.  I have ordered many things from this website.  I got a sea turtle fertility bracelet, lockets for my sisters-in-law for Christmas, nautical jewelry to Disney Bound as Mr. Smee and Ellie Badges from the movie Up for Terry and I when we went to Disney World.  Whats even better is that I have now learned to favorite things I like so that my husband knows exactly what to get when a holiday rolls around.

I recently searched the website for fun and found lots of things I would love to purchase.  Most of them having something to do with my inner geeky sides love of all things literary and silly.

*Terry recently introduced me to the awesome world of Star Wars.  My favorite characters are the Ewoks.  Who wouldn’t want to have this Ewok pillow*


*This week we’ve been having a Harry Potter marathon.  I know I haven’t been officially sorted and all but I like to think of myself as a Ravenclaw.  This replica of Ravenclaw’s diadem would fit perfectly in my cheesey jewelery collection*


*When I was in high school my best friend and I would watch the same Friends episode over and over again.  The one where Pheobe says that Ross and Rachel are each others lobster.  We were famous for using that quote and this print would match perfectly in my house*


*My favorite ride at Disney World is probably the Haunted Mansion.  There are 99 happy haunts there but my favorite is a portrait in the stretching room of the lady on the tightrope.  Yep I need this phone case*



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