Day 25: …I just don’t understand

Yesterday was a very sad day for my family and a family very near and dear to my heart.  Two beautiful girls lost thier mother.  My mom lost her best friend. My sisters suffered right along with girls who they consider not only friends but sisters too.  Connie Brown has been a part of our family since my sister was little girl and became best friends with her daughter.  She and my mom became friends almost instantly and they were there for each other through thick and thin. 

Ms Connie with Mawmaw and My mom
Ms Connie with Mawmaw and My mom

Her daughter considers my mother to be almost like her own.  I know how amazing my own mother is but to have someone else see that and confide and trust them like we do makes me burst with pride to be her daughter.  I am also so grateful that my mother was there for those girls in their time of need.  Those girls and their father will forever be a part of our lives. Our FAMILY. We will be there for them no matter what just like our mothers were for each other.

This whole things just makes me think….I don’t understand.  How could someone so young with so much life ahead of them be taken so early.  All I can think is God had a bigger plan for her.  He knew that with him, there would be no more suffering.  No more pain and struggle.  She will be the most perfect guardian angel for us still here. 

Even though yesterday was a terrible day I hope those girls and everyone close to them take solice in the fact that she is at peace.  Fly high Ms. Connie and keep an eye on us down here!



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