Day 27: Ipod Shufflin

So I decided to go with this challenge today instead of giving you a step by step of my day.  No one should have to live through the first day of teachers returning and preparation for student orientation if they don’t have to.  So instead I am choosing to do the Ipod Shuffle Challenge.   Here is the first 5 songs that get shuffled on my phone and why I like them enough to bother putting them on there.

  1.  Keep Fishing by Weezer – When I was in high school the group of friends I hung out with had a band.  When I was not dancing or football training I was pretty much always watching them play somewhere.  They liked to play classic and alternative rock and the more I listened to that stuff the more I liked it and started to explore it.  Weezer is just quirky enough for me to love them! This really brings back happy memories
  2. Let’s Fall In Love (All Over Again) by Wayne Toups – For those of you not from Louisiana Wayne Toups is an awesome Zydeco musician.  I’ve listened to him since I was a little girl but some of the best times I’ve had was going to see him at the Texas Club.  Some of my best memories from college are from Saturday nights at this bar.  Heck Terry and I even helped set up one of our friends who are now happily married at a Wayne Toups concert there.  Its just good stuff.
  3. Back to you by John Mayer – I definatly went through a moody sad girl phase when I listed to John Mayer all the time.  He was my go to sappy song guy when I was either going through a break up or just sad because I was single.  Even though I am super happy in my relationship I still enjoy a good sappy sad girl song once in a while.
  4. Loser Like Me from Glee – I love Glee.  I haven’t been able to watch it as much as I used to but I am constantly inspired by this show.  It has literally everything I enjoy in life wrapped into one.  I wish I had gone to a high school where you just sang with your friends all the time.  This one was also one my show choir kids really liked when we first started too.
  5. Said I Loved But I Lied by Michael Bolton – This one I am blaming soley on my nanie.  When I was growing up I spent a lot of time with my nanie and uncle Glen.  My nanie loves her some Michael Bolton.  We even went to see him in concert when I was young.  I have some very early memories of jamming out at her house as a little ham of a girl.  My husband looks at me like I am an idiot when this song comes on in the car because I genuinely sing it like I am in concert with Michael himself.  Just for fun you can enjoy this little gem too…

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