Hello My Name Is Megan And I Have A Problem…

Yes I have a problem and that problem is commitment, but probably not in the way that you think.  I have commitment issues when it comes to doing things for myself.   I started my 30 day blog challenge not thinking of the time frame it would end.  Unfortunately for me that time frame ended up being the start of a new school year.  When everyone gets back to campus I’m in a different mode.  I no longer think about myself or how spread thin I am I  think how I can help everyone else.  I basically have no understanding of the word “no”.  That being said things that I like and enjoy fall by the wayside.  Like my blog.

I can honestly say I really enjoy blogging.  I find it therapeutic most of time and a wonderful means of a creative outlet.  I can’t seem to say things well but I can type it out.  So that being said I will use this as a means of an update.

I will be out of work for two weeks starting next week because I have to have surgery.  I’ve been having problems for a year and a half with my ankle and after having struggled all summer I decided to get a second opinion.  Well sure enough she immediately said I needed surgery.  So at almost 30 years old I’ll be having my first cast ever and stuck at mawmaws house for two weeks while i can’t work.

I also found a little humor in the saying “if you want to make God laugh show him your plans” last week.  I scheduled my surgery around our high school football schedule.  I know this may sound odd but i have a lot of responsibilities during the fall and like sweet brown says’ “ain’t nobody got time for that”.  well God showed me because last weekend while working my second job i gave myself a concussion.  oh yes you read that right i have myself a concussion.  So those couple of football games i planned my surgery around…yep couldn’t go.

We will see how it feels to be quit and enjoy some time off for a bit.  hopefully i don’t drive myself nuts.


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