My Broken Brain


A few weeks ago I smoked my head.  When I say smoked I mean knocked the bajezus out of myself.  I’m clumsy.  I mean really clumsy.  I fall all the time.  I trip all the time.  I hit every extremity on anything that sticks out more than a half inch. Well instead of an arm or a shin this time I hit my head.  And I learned what the expression ‘seeing stars’ really means.


My bestie is an athletic trainer and thank the good Lord for that.  Luckily she is concussion certified so she knew I had experienced one before I even admitted it.  I am also around on the sidelines and on the court at school when kids experience concussions.  I knew the symptoms but didn’t want to believe I’d actually hurt myself like that.  I mean who really gives themselves a concussion.  But after feeling terrible and taking an ImPACT test I found out a had a worse concussion than I thought.  I have been sidelined from attending anything after school.  I missed the majority of work last week because more than an hour on the computer and it felt like I was simultaneously going to vomit and have my brain explode. I say all this to bring some awareness to the severity and genuine side effects of concussions.  I know they have become a hot topic in recent years with sport injuries and sometimes I don’t think we always realize how severe this can be.

Concussion SymptomsThis has been a very tough two weeks for me.  I’ve been preparing for surgery and trying to catch up on work but I have been suffering from side effects of my concussion.  I shouldn’t actually be typing this blog but I can only be bored at home for so long.  I have experienced extreme delayed reaction time.  Several times my husband has asked if he could throw something at me just to watch me not flinch.  I’ve experienced random emotional outburst.  Like more than my normal random crying.  And I have also had the craziest dreams ever.  The worst of it all though as been the headaches and nausea.  I have never been this nauseated in my entire life.  And I’ve been on plenty of anxiety meds that should have taken the cake on that.  From what I’ve learned the brain is hard to heal.  And there is no right answer for ‘how long will I be like this’ or ‘when will I get better’.  I unfortunately can not stay home for days and never look at the computer or phone.   Because of that I’m having a longer recovery time.  Which is sort of a catch 22.

This has been some serious stuff and kudos to those kids that suffer with this and have to go to school and learn and function normally.  I’ve taken a walk in the concussion shoes and its not fun.


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