The love of a Friday night

You can feel the weather change. It’s the first cold snap. The air is crisp and breezy. For us here in south Louisiana that doesn’t mean it’s the beginning of fall, it means it’s the beginning of football season. For the rest of my family that means it’s time to gear up for LSU tailgating and cheering at Death Valley on Saturdays. For me my joy of football takes place the night before.

A few years into my job I became the assistant to the athletic director. This job evolved over the years to being more than just someone who typed up paperwork to someone who helped manage and work events. In the last two years the only games I’ve missed was for pneumonia and my moms wedding. That’s why this season has been so tough. I made it to the scrimmage and jamboree but then got myself concussed and had to have surgery.


I have created my own family among the frequent flyers of the Friday night crew. Naturally those of us on the sidelines bonded and we have named ourselves the sister wives. I’ve come to truly love these women and I take pride in the time and efforts we put into our various jobs. I’ve also loved the family I share along with my husband and these people.

imagewe have tried many different ways of getting over the fact that we don’t have any kids. We have found that avoid kids altogether doesn’t help. Instead we feel like we have a purpose in life when we are doing something in service to kids. I know what we contribute may not be that big but it’s a big difference for us.

Im a little sad today because my crew will all be getting on buses heading to an away game tonight without me. I am out for the whole season due to surgery and it stinks! You’d be surprised how much a person can miss Piccadilly pregame meals and stinky football players. But I’ll be listening to the radio tonight cheering on my team.


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