I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T…..or not so much

I like to think of myself as pretty self sufficient.  I’m usually the person doing for others and I ask very little in return.  But with this surgery I have learn to swallow my pride.

First of all crutches are the devil.  I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be walking on them if you are a human being much less a human being who is top heavy and chubby…like me.  The struggle has been very real the last few weeks as I have not been able to put any weight on my injured foot.  This means my poor loving husband has had a lot of responsibility.  He’s been my chef, chauffer, lost-things-finder and emotional support.  I know that I appreciate all he is doing for me and I’m hoping he appreciates what I do a little bit more after having to take care of the household things I can’t manage right now.  An even bigger thanks has to go to my MawMaw who took care of me for the first week after surgery.  No one takes care of you like your Mawmaw, sorry Mom 🙂

I’ve also learned another means of anxiety that I’ve never heard of.  Cast Claustrophobia.  Yes apparently it is real thing.  I woke up for the first week with my cast out of a dead sleep in a full on panic attack.  Everything about this giant orange hunk of plaster drives me insane.  Luckily my body is starting to get used to it and I’m back at work with my mind distracted from my ankle for the majority of the day.

After all this though I do feel a need to say thank you.  A LOT!  I am very appreciative of any help I’ve gotten whether it be someone just holding the door open or for my co-workers and friends filling in for me where I need it.  I’m feeling the love and will for sure pay that forward.


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