Getting my Disney craft on

I love a good DIY craft project and I also love Disney.  I found a magical way to include both of these things into one great project.  Mickey Ears!

A year ago we were planning a Disney World trip for school and I decided I wanted to make some ears for myself.  I had seen the how to on Pinterest and thought it looked easy enough.  It was!  I made Mickey ears that were my school themed to give to our cast members as a thank you.  Since then I’ve wanted to try some other ideas.

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You can try to go all fancy like these but the simple way I did them was this:

What you need

  • felt
  • headband
  • foam sheet
  • hot glue gun
  • something to trace a circle – I used a tervis tumbler
  • white crayon
  • scissors
  1. cut strips of felt to glue the length of the headband
  2. hot glue strip completely around the band
  3. trace your circle and cut out circles on the foam sheet *need 2 for each ear
  4. trace the circle on the felt with your white crayon.  trace another circle about an inch away and then connect the two circle in the middle *looks like a tiny dumb bell*
  5. cut out felt circles and foam circles
  6. hot clue the foam circles onto the felt
  7. wrap felt circle around the headband and secure
  8. glue circle together and hold tightly making sure ear will stand up
  9. repeat on opposite
  10. decorate as desired

if you would like to follow the same one I did check it out here!


2 thoughts on “Getting my Disney craft on

  1. Oh my gosh I absolutely love every single one of these! Especially the little touches, like the pin on the UP ears and the fork (excuse me, dinglehopper) on the Little Mermaid one. As a fellow Disney nerd, I just can’t get over how cute all these are!


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