Motivate Me

A few months ago my BFF was having a really tough time.  She was struggling with work craziness and personal craziness and most of all stuck in what we like to call “the dungeon” that is her office.  To perk her up I made her a motivation board.  I’d see pins of motivation walls or sticky notes on mirrors and thought I could do that.  I cut up pieces of cardstock and painted encouraging words, names of family members, and motivational phrase.  All things she could look at during the day to pump her up when she was feeling down.  I got a canvas and smothered the whole thing in mod podge  and it turned out great.

If you are feeling down or hopeless I think this is a great way to remind you each day no matter if its a work or at home that its all gonna be ok.  And in case you are stuck on ideas for words of encouragement I got some for ya!

*Happiness depend upon ourselves*

*Always look on the bright side*

*Do not fear*

*It could always be worse*

*you create your own destiny*

*nothing is impossible unless you believe it is*


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