What Special Really Means

11083675_10104431498303905_2319443488263874908_nWhen I was 5 years old I had two baby sisters to play with.  But a few months after my younger sister was born came along Randi.  My nanie, like myself, struggled with infertility.  When she was 30 she and my uncle decided to begin the adoption process.  Little did they know it wouldn’t be the long drawn out production as normal, but a swift deal that would bring home baby.  During Randi’s birth-mothers pregnancy they found out that something was wrong.  Her original adopted family chose not to move forward with her adoption after finding this out.  Fortunately for us my nanie and uncle said they wanted a baby.  It didn’t matter what kind of baby they all deserved to be loved.  So I got my first cousin Randi Brooke.

She may have struggles with health and delays but our family has been really blessed to have her in our lives.  No one has a bigger heart than her.  No one is more attentive and concerned and loving than she is.

10922830_10104263430353425_4596054647838436379_nI’ve got so many memories with her but I think some of the best ones I will always remember were this year.  My nanie suffers from severe asthma.  She has been hospitalized several times in the last few years and Randi is always by her side.  Because she stresses when her mom is in there Terry and I decided to go on some adventures with her.  We started with going out to eat and her getting her very own personal pizza which in case you didn’t know is the most exciting thing ever.  And since she is such a charmer the sweet waitress brought us free dessert.  She came to take pictures with me at my work sporting events.  She helped work the concession stand and made friends with everyone.  You just can’t help but smile when she is around.

D3S_2435-MWhat I also love about having Randi in our family is how much we have come to grow and love other children and friends with disabilities.  My little sister especially loves the time she gets to spend with special needs kiddos.  I think we are so much more tolerant and accepting because we have her.  We are all better people for having Randi around.  So I ask you to think about someone you know like Randi.  Remind them how special they are not because of what may be wrong with them but because of the awesome person they are.


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