All Things Broccoli

When you were little I’m sure you battled with your parents over all foods green.  For the most part you get over it and suck it up but there is always that one that you just won’t touch.  When I was younger I HATED broccoli.  Since I’ve become an adult my mind has changed.  Changed so much that I’m pretty sure I could eat broccoli every day.  So after scouring Pinterest for yummy recipes here are the top 5 things I wanna try.

Beef and Broccoli  I don’t know about you but one of my ultimate guilty pleasures is some good ole Chinese take out.  Most of the time its pretty bad for you but when you make it at home you can cut out all of the bad stuff.  This looks super yummy.slow-cooker-beef-broccoli-4-680x1020Baked Broccoli Tots  This sounds so weird but so good at the same time.  I mean who doesn’t love tator tots really.  If nothing else this is a healthy substitute for a starchy carb.

untitledChicken and Broccoli Alfreado This is my favorite go to meal when I’m not sure what to cook.  Even thought I have my own recipe I always like to look at others to see what they do differently.  My favorite version is from a friend of mine years ago.  She said to add 1 cap full of crab boil and it really does make all the difference.


Broccoli and Cheese Soup I love love love broccoli cheese soup but I have yet to figure out how to make a good one.  I may actually let Terry try this one since Crock pots do not like me.  Does anyone out there have a great recipe? I’ll try anything.


Broccoli and cheese flat bread  Flat bread is usually one of my favorite things to get as an appetizer.  Hands down the best thing at Buffalo Wild Wings to me is the spinach and artichoke flatbread and this looks pretty similar.  This looks like a recipe for a fancy foodie night


All hail Broccoli!



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