No Cable!?! What do I do now?

As a poor person we have learned to cut corners.  One of the corners for us was cable.  There are days when I could care less that its gone and days that I would give anything to have it back.  Yes we have Netflix but let me tell you that can get old real quick.  But an even better resource to cure boredom is Youtube. (yes I am aware that people lived without TVs longer that they have lived with them but when you are accustomed to something it gets tough)

We are able to watch Youtube on my husband’s Xbox 360 so its hooked up to the TV.  We do all of our Disney research and reminiscing there.  We listen to music and watch old tv shows.  Just last night we watched an old episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple and American Gladiators.  My favorite thing to do though is to follow Vloggers.  I’ve expressed my love here for the Tim Tracker but Terry turned me on to a new couple that we really enjoy.

MjBDQkE2NDBDQzhGRTY1QkJGNEM6ZWQwMWZjYWNkNTRmMjQ1ZjBhNmM5M2JhZDkzOTgxZjM6Ojo6OjA=Deer Meat For Dinner is about a couple from Florida who hunt and fish and cook and just enjoy life.  Terry and I must be destined to live in Florida later in life or something because we tend to love vloggers from there.  Terry originally showed me the channel to see something they cooked.  The couple does something called Tasty Tuesdays were they cook something that almost always contains something they have caught or hunted.  They’ve cooked coconut encrusted alligator to stuff pork chops.  From swamp cabbage to brisket they have lots of fun things to watch.  They also have lots of videos on how to hunt and clean game.

As someone from the south I really enjoy watching this channel.  They remind me of good down home people I would know from down the bayou or my stepdad who hunts and fishes.  If you like outdoor shows or hunting shows you will enjoy them.  Give them a try.  You won’t be disappointed.  Deer Meat For Dinner



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