Disney This or That

A few weeks ago my boss called me and asked if I would plan her family vacation to Disney World.  Of course I was totally pumped for this!  I have found that I am a person who loves to research.  When I’m watching a movie you can just about guarantee that at some point I will get on IMDB and look at the trivia.  When I go to a play or plan a trip I want to know as much as possible before going.  Not that I want the surprise taken away but I just really like knowing.  So in the spirit of my Disney planning I took a survey from a fellow bloggers site of Disney this or that’s.

1.Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios? Nothing compares to Magic Kingdom.

2.Epcot or Hollywood Studios? Epcot, so much more to do.

3.Animal Kingdom or Epcot?  Oh that’s a tough one.  I would say Animal Kingdom unless its Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.

4.Epcot or Magic Kingdom? Gotta go with Magic Kingdom again.

5.Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? Animal Kingdom.  Hollywood studios seems to always be the last on my list.

6.Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom? Magic Kingdom will always win!

6.Splash Mountain or Space Mountain? I surprisingly have not been on either but from what I know I will go with Space Mountain.  I like inside rides.

7.Peter Pan’s Flight or It’s A Small World? Although Its A Small World has a very catchy tune I love love love Peter Pan’s Flight

8.The Jungle Crusie or Pirates of the Carribean? Jungle Cruise all the way! I will forever be the fooling laughing at every silly joke. I can’t wait for the new restaurant.

9.Be Our Guest Restaurant or Crystal Palace? Having never been to either I’m gonna go with Crystal Palace.  Its classic, its less crowded and all of my favorite Winnie the Pooh peeps are there.

10.Tower of Terror or Rock ‘n Roller Coaster? Tower of Terror is the one ride I may never do ever at Disney so I’m going with Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.

11.Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage! or Vovage of the Little Mermaid? Even though Ariel is my BFF the quality of the Beauty and the Beast show can not be compared to.

12.Toy Story Mania or Star Tours-The Adventure Continues? Since Star Tours makes me turn green I’ll say Toy Story Mania

13.Test Track or Soarin’? Test Track! I love designing the cars and the speed at the end of the ride

14.France or United Kingdom Showcase? On my first trip to Disney I made it to the UK and didn’t go any further.  Its my favorite especially the British Invasion band.

15.Mission Space or Spaceship Earth? Motion sickness is my enemy so no Mission Space for this gal.  Spaceship Earth it is!

16.China or Japan Showcase? Japan!  I got to do the pick a pearl there for my anniversary and it was great.

17.Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros or Maelstrom? I did enjoy Maelstrom but it is no more….but Three Caballeros was better.  Perfect place to cool your heels and listen to fun music.

18.It Is Tough To Be A Bug or Festival of a Lion King? Lion King show may be one of my favorite things to do at Disney.  I cried watching the Can You Feel The Love Tonight scene

19.DINSOUR or Expedition Everest? Thanks to my school kids dragging me on everything I now have a love of roller coasters and Everest will always be on of my top picks.

20. Polynesian Resort or Contemporary? I wish I could afford these hotels but in my dreams I’m going to the Polynesian and eating at Ohana.

21.Pop Century Resort or Art of Animation? Definitely Art of Animation…um hello they have completely themed Little Mermaid rooms


*if you have any questions about Disney World vacations feel free to ask me.  I know way more than I should and always enjoy talking Disney!!!


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