Sista Love

To me the word sister has a broad definition.  I have a real sister, half sisters, step sisters, adopted sisters and even sister wives.  Each one of them holds a special place in my heart and means a great deal to me.  Since I am feeling the love today I want to share something just for them.

What is a sister?


An ally, defender, a gentle arm bender.  An honest debater, a story-relater.  A planner, a lender, the perfect gift sender.  A winer, a diner, an outfit designer.  A meeter, a  greeter, a chocolate eater.

                                    221779_2091920096913_1052219_n 1929713_593658950775_9967_n

A debater, relater, a smile reinstater.  A secret provider and an on-you-sider.  A diva.  A goober.  A tireless shopper.  A snorter, a sniggerer. Infectious giggler.  A hugger and squeezer.  playmate and teaser.

                              1947540_10103270089002455_5370282907176097895_n 1909608_550230526685_8091_n

A texter.  A writer.  A party inviter.  A good-for-a moaner, a helper and phoner.  A carer, comparer, a problem-sharer.  A gossipy chatterer, forgiver and flatterer.  A handbag borrower.  A ring-tomorrower.

                      10301592_10103987135445635_8348953333546795934_n 11018654_10104342230741815_5350467183323503907_n

a date fixer-upper and time for a cuppa.  A listening ear, a loyal volunteer.  A birthday surprise and cherished adviser.  A laughter.  A kidder.  Anxiety ridder.  A won’t let it rester and know you bester.

That’s what makes a sister!

1378638_10103965439479525_786457695094820491_n 10390078_10103966016468235_7945191509418745845_n



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