Movie Review : Love and Mercy


Recently on a boring Sunday afternoon I was searching through movie websites to find something to do when I came across Love and Mercy.  I’ve been hearing about this movie for a few months and was really interested in seeing it.  So I sat down and committed to 2 hours of a heartfelt and sometimes strange story of Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys.

Love and Mercy stars John Cusack and Paul Dano as Brian Wilson.  The movie takes place in two time frames; the 1960s when Wilson is trying to create his music masterpiece and dealing with on-setting signs of mental health and in the 1980s when a sad and over medicated Wilson meets Melinda Ledbetter a car saleswoman and falls in love.

I can’t tell you which version of Brian that I enjoyed more.  Both actors had such a commitment to their individual part showing him at different times in his life.  Paul Giamatti does a good job of making you hate him, which I have found is the kind of character he plays all of the time.  Elizabeth Banks refreshingly plays someone a little more serious than the likes of her Pitch Perfect parts.  She made the perfect romantic interest for John Cusack.  You believed the love story not because they acted lovey dovey but because she genuinely put him first and cared about his well-being.

This movie also brought to light the stigma and dangers that sometimes follow mental health.  It was scary to think how easily someone can be influenced by a physician and how someone who takes an oath to protect you can so easily mess up your life.

All in all I found this to be a very interesting, well written movie and I enjoyed watching it.  I’ve heard lots of Oscar buzz around it as well and wouldn’t mind seeing it get some awards.  Plus the soundtrack is killer.

loveandmercy-cusack-banks 28abf8e5ef70587ba73770355711f493The-Beach-Boys-in-Love-and-Mercy

check it out!


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