Not Just for the Average Emo Anymore

In high school there was a certain store at the mall that you didn’t really venture into unless you were part of the emo crowd.  These days Hot Topic has turned more from the emo youth into the land of fangirling and geek.  No matter if you are fan of a band, Star Wars, superheros or even Disney they have something there for the geek in all of us.  I myself have spent a good bit of time there while preparing to Disney Bound or just to find fun new socks.  I’ve successfully purchased all kinds of fun stuff.

My sweet loot from Hot Topic
My sweet loot from Hot Topic

If Star Wars is your thing there are some cool options for you there.

10326425_hi 10414195_hi10390347_hi 10458341_hi

Maybe you like Harry Potter…

10101161_hi 10122934_hi 10341093_hi 10450162_hi

or you could be into superheros

10133879_hi 10350332_hi 10388142_hi 10412512_hi

No matter what your favorite geeky thing is you can probably find it at this store.  Take a chance and step into there next time you are in the mall.  I bet you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will find inside.


One thought on “Not Just for the Average Emo Anymore

  1. Hey I love this post 🙂 I have a nerd blog and one of they key points I try to make is that there are all kinds of fans and nerds out there. Nice to know someone sees it the same way as me 🙂


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