Daydream Job

I love my job.  I enjoy my co-workers and I often feel very gratified by the work I have done.  But on those days when I am feeling low or unproductive I like to daydream of a job that I would be good at.  All of my main passions and interest stem from things that are artistic.  Sometimes I think I am wasting my young creative juices sitting in a cubical and wish that I could share them in some way.  A lot of the times that means me coming up with music and set ideas for the Show Choir even though I am no longer a part of it or it means me taking pictures.  I am usually surprised at myself when I can pull off a good shot.  But even though I am no professional I have my moments of beauty.  So what do I daydream of?  Becoming a photographer!

Not just any kind of photographer but a birth photographer.  As someone who can not experience the miracle of birth myself I marvel over images of those women and couples who do get to go through it.  Nothing is better than a candid photo showing true emotion.  As a birth photographer your job is to melt into the background and capture all of the candid goodness.  These photos are always perfect when done in black and white.  I think it takes away any part of the medical aspects and instead leaves the raw emotions of those involved.  I would love to get a phone call in the middle of the night from a client saying the baby is coming and joining the family on their journey to new life.

Who knows maybe when I retire I will be able to fulfill this dream.  Until then I will just share these images so you too can be in awe of the power of birth and life and family.

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*all photos taken from Pinterest


One thought on “Daydream Job

  1. Follow your dream! My sister did and she loves her life ( I think there is something so beautiful about birth photography. I am actually looking into having someone in the room with me when I deliver to capture these moments. Good Luck and hope you take that leap of faith!


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