Hold Your Sisters Tight

yesterday the world lost an amazing lady, my auntie. She was the last remaining sibling of my mawmaw and probably her very best friend. There is not a time that I went to my mawmaws that these two were not on the phone at least a few times during my visit. My heart goes out to my cousins who lost their mother and grandmother unexpectedly and quickly. At least we can feel comforted knowing she is no longer hurting and she is up in heaven with my uncle rabbit living it up already.

This got me thinking though how incredibly special the bond is between sisters. I know if put in the same shoes I would be inconsolable. Sisters are your confidants from birth. You share ups and downs. Happiness and tragedy. You grow up together. Start families together. What would you do if you couldn’t text your sister tomorrow? How would you feel if you couldn’t call her and say how bad or good your day was? Would you be able to make it if you didn’t have your emergency go to person?

I pray for my mawmaw. That she gets through the loss of her precious sister. And I pray for our family that we are strong and trust that God has a plan for everyone and it was just her time. No matter what though we sure will miss that sweet lady. RIP Auntie





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