How to Keep Out the Bad Juju

d4bd815ced586d6c3325cb1269a79ab8Humans can be mean.  No matter how nice you are there are still some people that want to squash you like a bug.  I know there has been a time in each of your lives when you have felt defeated.  It may have been for a short time or a long time but it is a natural reaction to get down on yourself when people step all over you.

I have been through some rough spots.  I have felt like I was a bad wife.  I have felt like a bad daughter or sister.  I have felt guilty for things I didn’t even do because I let someone else’s opinion matter more than mine.  Until I realized that I create my own destiny.  Just because someone is a jerk to me doesn’t mean I am less of a person.  It means they are.  I will not let anyone stand between me and my good juju.

9f669ded98af82f6b1eafec17620c39f I have learned a lot about myself in the last year.  I am sometimes sad and jaded but I don’t give up.  I am kind and helpful to others.  I never say no even if it is to my detriment because at the end of the day I have to live with my actions.  I will not stoop to the level of some who would rather put you down than build you up.

So this one is for someone special to me who is struggling with this.  No matter what you think about yourself, I know you are special.  You are loved.  You are a wonderful mother and care taker and I am proud to call you friend.  No one can give you bad juju unless you let them.

For those of you struggling with your own self-worth know you are not alone.  Life can be cruel but you don’t have to be.  People can say things about you but you will rise above.  God made you and he doesn’t make mistakes.  That may be a cheesy line but I believe it.  And even if I don’t know you, know that I believe in you.  We will all make it through this crazy thing called life as long as we are there to hold each other up and learn to love ourselves.


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