Since returning back to work I have had a lot of projects to catch up and work to be done.  I like to stay busy but sometimes I’m a little too busy.  Don’t get me wrong I have had tons of help this year from my wonderful student workers but its still been a bit overwhelming.  I am getting very close to a MAJOR event I’ve been working on for months this weekend.  Although I feel I am as prepared as I can be I am still freaking out about the result.  So to de-stress I searched for the top things to do to calm yourself down and reduce stress.

Step 1:  Make to-do list.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got about 5 of them running right now.  One on the computer, one in my planner, one in a notebook, one on the fridge, etc.  I’m not sure if having tons of list have reduced my stress level.  Lets try another step.

Step 2: Stepping Away.  Take a breather.  Get a new perspective.  Well I’m so anxious that not doing the thing makes me more anxious.  And stepping away means stressing about something else like my dirty dishes or laundry or Halloween costume.  Next!

Step 3:  Exercise.  Insert surgery post-op and walking boot problem.  On to the next one.

Step 4: Take Deep Breathes.  Ok maybe this is working.  I can do breathing that’s easy enough.  Well except for the whole asthma thing but hey no one say I had to breathe that deep.

Step 5: Eat Chocolate.  Now that’s one I can get behind.  Who’s thinking about anxiety when you are eating a Hershey bar.  Not this gal.  Seems like this one might be my best bet.

What do you guys do to de-stress?  Sleep? Meditate? Cry? Let me know.


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