Did You See that Cast List?

Lots of speculation had been surrounding a certain Disney live action movie and all the rumors were put to rest at the D23 expo when the cast list and release time was introduced.  I am speaking of the one and only Beauty and the Beast.  This is an all time classic animated movie that is beloved by so many.  Its no Little Mermaid but it comes pretty close.  I really enjoyed the live action version of Cinderella so I figured this would be ok. That is until I saw the cast list.  O.  M.  G.  I’m not sure if it could be more perfect.

index27The role of Belle is played by none other than Hermione Granger herself, Emma Watson.  She has always had such a lovely way about here that I can completely see her filling the shoes of this part.  She has grown into a very beautiful young woman and no one will be able to say she can’t pull of playing Beauty.

beauty_stevens_3220673bFor those of you who love Downton Abbey you are in luck.  The Beast will be played by Dan Stevens.  I haven’t seen him in too many things but he does have such a charming look about him.  I’m interested to see how they will pull off his look as the Beast.  As much as I love the Broadway version I do not love the look of the Beast on stage.

               josh-gad-le-fou-beauty-and-the-beast Kevin_Kline_Mauriceluke-evans-gaston

Rounding out the human portion of the cast are some heavy hitters.  Josh Gad aka Olaf is playing Lefou.  He is always so funny and plays a great sidekick.  He will be awesome at this part.  Kevin Kline will be playing crazy old Maurice, Belle’s father.  Though in my mind I can’t seem to imagine Emma Watson being his daughter I do think that he is a great actor to play such a kooky character.  Lastly Luke Evans will be playing Gaston.  I am not much of an action movie kinda gal so I haven’t seen very many movies he’s been in.  I’m hoping he will pull off the Gaston swagger we all love.

        audra-mcdonald-beauty-and-the-beast-wardrobe-888x456 ewan-mcgregorCogsworth-Ian-McKellen-Disney

Lastly our cast of castle characters comes with an amazing ensemble.  My personal favorite character from the movie is played by one of my personal favorite singers, Audra McDonald.  I have seen her in concert and I’ve heard her sing opera.  She is is going to be soooooo awesome at this part.  Ewan McGregor will be playing Lumiere.  Loved him in Moulin Rouge and we know he can carry a tune.  I’m curious to see if he will try to pull off the French accent.  And at last there is Gandalf, Ian McKellen.  I’m not really sure what to expect from him in this part.  He is so tall that physically he doesn’t fit in my head as the chubby little Cogsworth but who knows.

All I can say is 2017 can not get here fast enough.  I am so pumped for this movie!


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