You Are Amazing!


I know I have been away from my blog for a very long time but I wanted to come back now not only to share some exciting things happening to me in the very near future but to also tell you about the amazing organization I had the privilege of working with this weekend.

This year Louisiana hosted its first ever Miss Amazing Pageant.  Miss Amazing is not your normal run of the mill beauty pageant.  It is meant for girls and young women with disabilities.  This is a way for these genuinely amazing girls to feel empowered and embraced in a safe and loving environment.

I can tell you I have been to beauty pageants before and watched many an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras but this was very far from anything I have seen or experienced.  As you all know my cousin is special, and I have the biggest spot in my heart for her.  That being said the spot is also filled with her loving friends that have many different types of disabilities too.  Because of my knowledge and experience with her friends I felt like I was able to truly contribute to this organization in a very positive way.

The pageant was held at Theatre Baton Rouge over two days.  Friday the girls came in to compete in the talent competition.  This was optional for the ladies. Let me tell you they had no fear.  They sang, danced, cheered, did sign language! I can tell you it is not easy to stand on a big stage in the lights in front of an audience and perform, but every single one of them did AMAZING!

On the second day the girls were interviewed by the judges, this part I missed and I’m a little bummed about it but I heard it was great.  Then the main event was the evening wear.  Each girls came on stage and introduced herself to the audience.  Then they were walked on stage to show off their outfits with a right hand man.  There were some young men and some with disabilities that walked with the girls but they were all true gentlemen and the girls were so excited to have them there.

The best part for me was that every girls there was paired up with a buddy.  It just so happened they were a buddy short on Friday and I had the pleasure of pairing up with Aileena.  She was a beautiful 9 year old red head who LOVES Frozen and has down syndrome.  She was so so great.  I not only helped her but helped our fearless leader Amy do some stuff backstage.  Aileena was a trooper.  She followed me everywhere and helped me get everyone where they needed to be.  I will never ever forget her.  It was truly an honor.

Even though Aileena was my buddy I met so many special girls this weekend.  Callie and her mother were the most caring and sweet people.  Lydia, who may be the happiest person I’ve ever met, just so happens to be one of Randi’s friends.  Jasmine and Alaina had me cracking up backstage with their giggles about cute boys.  Lacey and her sister had a relationship any set of sisters should envy.  Mattie was my girl always keeping me on time.  Crystal had a heart of gold telling everyone how pretty they were.  Katie was so patient with the others.  Cameron and Autumn persevered and looked beautiful on stage.  Watching Skye sing Hannah Montana to her make up artist made my whole weekend.  And sweet sweet Emily who was so beautiful had the most genuine and amazing reactions when she won queen for her division.  I could cry just thinking about it.

This is going to be something that will remain special to me for a long time to come.  If you are interested in this organization please like the facebook page to keep updated on upcoming events.

And to Amy and Myeisha and your wonderful husbands thank you so much for doing this.  It was truly AMAZING!

Here are some pics from this weekend.  All of them are either mine personally or taken from (check them out!)


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