A New Project

I LOOOOOOOOVE THEATER!  Next to my husband and my family it is the thing I am most passionate about.  For a long time I have been trying to pursue my dream of being on stage.  I danced for many years but a recital is not the same as being a part of a show. I want to feel the heat of the stage lights and the sound of the applause from the audience.  I want to work my butt off with a company of people to perfect a dance or get the most amazing harmonies.  I don’t want to be THE star, but I would like to be a star in my own right.

When I was in 8th grade the theater bug bit me hard.  I went to see 1776 at the Baton Rouge Little Theatre for extra credit in my middle school history class.  I was amazed by all of it, but one performer got me.  He was the delegate from South Carolina and the song he sang was called Molasses to Rum to Slaves.  A normal person would never remember this sort of thing.  I remember it though as the moment that something changed in me.  A moment when a song wasn’t just something you hum along to in the car.  A moment when I felt like I was on fire with excitement over the possibility of what a character could make you feel just sitting in an audience.

After years of season tickets to community theatre and many trips to see touring shows with my Nanie, I finally decided I might be good enough to try out for something.  I was 19 years old and in college.  My first ever audition was for Beauty and the Beast.  I was completely and totally intimidated.  300+ people auditioned for that show.  It was insane but a great learning experience.

Years went by and I kept trying and things got better.  I tried out for The Pajama Game, Crazy For You, Hairspray, Mary Poppins and Les Miserables.  All of those shows I got a call-back for.  For Hairspray I even got a call-back for the lead.  However none of these auditions proved to be fruitful and I was not cast in anything.  In the meantime I helped choreograph and stage manage shows at my work.  All the while feeling a little like a fraud.  I knew what needed to be done but I had never actually done it before.

For whatever reason I decided to give it one more go for the summer musical at my favorite community theatre.  I had to because the show was The Little Mermaid.  I have proclaimed my love for Ariel many times.  I often say she is my best friend.  Because of my loyalty to the mermaid herself I felt like I could try one more time.  I just wanted an ensemble part.  I could play a maid or a fish or something.

I worked really hard on my audition song.  I looked for something different and challenging.  I finally settled on These Palace Walls from Aladdin the Musical.  The time came and I walked in to an all new set of faces at the audition table.  I gave it my all with my song but was slightly discouraged when I didn’t receive any call-back music like I had at past auditions.  I prepared for my dance audition and that was even stranger.  Instead of a full 2 hours of crazy and packed rooms I was done in 15 minutes and left very unsure of anything.

A few days passed and I got an email that said I wasn’t getting called back for a lead but not to fret because ensemble was being cast from those who were not called back.  I thought as usual I would get an email saying thanks for trying but you weren’t cast.  Instead I received an email from the director saying we want to offer you a part as one of Ariel’s sisters, Atina.  I cried at my desk like a big idiot but it was amazing.   I finally made it!!!!

So starting in the next few weeks I am going to start a series of blogs called The Mermaid Chronicles.  I want to remember every detail so I am going to use this outlet to write down everything.  Stay tuned folks cause its almost time to go Under the Sea.

more mermaid


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