Hunger Games – Food for Thought


If you have not read the books or seen the movies proceed with caution!

Now that the Hunger Games are finally through and all the movies are out on DVD I thought I would share my biggest issue with the series.  I am a big fan of young adult literature and this was no exception.  It was the kind of book you can’t put down.  I actually felt that way with all 3 of the books in the series which doesn’t often happen.  I even got my husband to read these, and he reads nothing!

I was happy with the movies.  Unlike some other film adaptations I thought the movies were cast really well.  Some where not what I imagined but I thought that no actor disappointed me in their role.  I did go in with some prejudice though.  After reading the books I was Team Peeta all the way.  So no matter how cute Liam Hemsworth is, he was not winning me over.  My absolute favorite character of the whole series was Finnick Odair.  I was so happy when he made his arrival in the second movie.

So here is my food for thought.  My two major issues with the Hunger Games story as a whole.  #1  Why oh why did you kill Finnick?  This is not a George R Martin story where all of your favorite characters die so why did Finnick have to?  I was so frustrated that he was basically the only character that was on the right side that really died…well other than Rue.  But their deaths felt different to me.  Rue was in the games.  There was no way that more than one person was going to win the games.  And there was no way Katniss was not going to win since she was obviously in other books.  So I was anticipating this death from the get go.  Tragic and sad as it might have been it didn’t hit me that hard.  Actually I thought seeing her sibling and mom crying in the second movie was more emotional for me than her death.  So again I ask why do you have the only character who does the right thing and is selfless the whole time die?  And please do not give me his wedding to precious Annie and then kill him.  Really?  Really???  So my advice re-write and kill Gale.  He is a loser face that is always whining and KILLED PRIM!!!  Yea he can go.  We don’t need him.  BRING BACK FINNICK!

#2 and this is my absolute biggest issue with the entire series, why did Katniss vote yes to continuing the Hunger Games with Capital children?  This was in the last pages and last few moments of the movie and it bothered me equally as much both times.  The entire movie Katniss has to battle.  They speak of how unfair it is that the district must have their children killed off.  They call the Capital tyrants and say they would never choose the same way of living if the roles were reversed.  Then please tell me after surviving 2 Hunger Games, basically fighting in a war, and losing her sister,who died among children of the Capital, would Katniss choose to kill as well?  This felt like a slap in the face.  As though her struggle for good the whole series was now null and void.  In my brain I want to think that this was a tactic.  I want to think that she knew by appeasing Coin that she would have the opportunity to kill her.  But sadly I think that is not so.  Why Katniss?  I thought you were better than that.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you think Finnick died for a reason?  Do you think it was cool to let Gale live on after murdering Katniss’s sister?  Do you think Katniss was justified in her vote to continue the Hunger Games?  No matter what this was a great series and lets face it after that mess called The Twilight Saga we needed this 🙂


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