Mermaid Chronicles: Character Research

So when I got the email from my director Jenny about the parts I would be playing she said I would be Atina (one of Ariel’s sisters), a signing princess, and a sea creature of some sort.  Well the sea creature is pretty easy.  I don’t know what I am yet but as long as I’m smiling and dancing calypso while dress as said sea creature I’m good.  The singing princess only exist in the Broadway musical.  For those of you not familiar instead of Ursula become the evil Vanessa as in the movie  a contest is held on Prince Eric’s birthday to help him find the voice he has been chasing after.  Since he is a prince and should be marrying a princes the scene consist of a bunch of crazy singing princess that don’t impress him in the least.  I’ve watched a million different versions of this on Youtube so I’m good.  So my big challenge…ATINA!

0rgtertI have seen the Disney version of the Little Mermaid more times than I can count.  All I can gather from the movie about Atina though is that she wears orange, has spikes in her hair and she can sing.  There are no details at all about the other sisters in the movie.  There are some a little later in the 3rd Little Mermaid movie which is a prequel.  You find out that Atina is the oldest sister and therefore heir to the thorn.  This explains the spikes which if you think about it are very similar to those of King Triton.  She is a little bossy but kinda gets bossed around by the others sisters because they don’t want to listen to her.  I am the oldest sister of my siblings and though I don’t really think I am bossy I am usually the least out spoken of the bunch.  So this could be good.

c27c745541325f833b7529f962e16b92The-Little-Mermaid-disney-princess-203483_500_375Still I wanted to know more.  So I went to the source.  I looked up the original source of the movie the little mermaid fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson.  I am not naïve when it comes to knowing that there are lots of differences between the Disney version and the original story.  Trust me I’ve seen the Buzzfee article.  But I was not prepared for the 0679887571overwhelming sucky feelings I would have once I actually read it.  It was so sad.  Like I mean really sad.  So for those of you who haven’t read it here are the main points that are different.

  1. The name Ariel is never mentioned.  She is always referenced as the littlest mermaid but no names are given for pretty much anyone.  So why Disney picked Ariel and then continued with all the “A” names I have no idea.  Also there are only 6 sisters total in the original story which means that one of my mersisters, other than Ariel, did not exist.  Was it Atina?  Aquata? Adella?  who knows???
  2. There are no fish friends or singing crabs in the original version.  Instead the sisters are taken care of by their grandmother.  Where was she in the Disney version?
  3. When Ariel visits the sea witch, also with no name, she does give away her voice but not in a pretty shell.  Instead she cuts off her tongue.  Poor Ariel didn’t have a chance.
  4. The potion that Ariel is given doesn’t just give her legs.  Instead it rips her tail apart cause enormous pain.  Then to boot once she has gone through the pain of getting the legs every step she takes feels like knives stabbing her.  Umm really how terrible is that?!?!
  5. Prince Eric was never looking for Ariel.  He never heard her voice.  He didn’t know she saved him.  He didn’t see her on the beach.  Instead he is in love with some random girl at a convent that he thinks saved him.  When he finds Ariel he takes her in but only likes her because she is devoted to him.  Seriously.  At one point they even mention that he makes her sleep on the floor outside of his door.  That does not sound like the awesome hunky Eric I know.
  6. Lastly there is no happy ending.  Not even close.  So Ariel is supposed to make Eric love her yes, but there is no time limit on it.  So she is wandering around feeling like knives are in her feet with no tongue and sleeping on the floor like a dog all while Eric is dreaming of some other chick.  Turns out the other chick is a princess so low and behold he gets to marry her.  Because he is marrying someone else Ariel has failed her task and will turn into sea foam.  Her sisters come to find her on Eric’s wedding cruise and after giving the sea witch all of their hair they give her a magic dagger.  If she stabs Eric in the heart she can be a mermaid again and come home.  Well what does Ariel do…she turns into sea foam instead.  After making her sleep on the floor and treating her like she was dumb and marrying someone else she still loves him.  Girl get a grip.  You should have stayed a mermaid.

So all that being said I’m full of information now on the show and the story and the characters.  I think I’m gonna stick with liking the Disney Atina with spikes in her hair as opposed to the nameless, possibly not even really alive, version in the real story.  Either way I get to be a freaking MERMAID and I’m so excited!!!



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