Private Eye Proposal Photos

Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from a co-worker asking if I could possibly help out a young man who was going to propose to his girlfriend.  I was actually pretty excited by the possibility of  doing this.  I’ve seen many photo galleries of people having a secret photographer set up.  I think its just the coolest thing.  I wish my husband would have thought of that.  So the young man texted me and we met up to plan what would happen the day of.  He was a little nervous but excited.  I brought Terry with me so I wouldn’t look like a stalker.  It rained.  We were shooting at Mike the Tiger’s cage and he was picked up.  A 5K was running down the same street we were on.  I thought this was never going to happen without some sort of disaster.  But as the time got closer they showed up and we hid behind the wall waiting for the right moment.  Everything came out perfectly.  They were so excited and happy.  I was glad I got to take part in it.  Here are some of the shoot.



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