Mermaid Chronicles: Day 1 :)

Today was the day.  Finally.  I was incredibly nervous.  This was compounded even more when I pulled up to the theatre and literally all of the other people were basically infants lol.  No but seriously everyone seemed to know everyone already.  I panicked and started texting my best friend trying to pretend I was very important.  They summoned us all to the studio which is the smaller theatre at Theatre Baton Rouge.  We all sign in and sit down and I take a seat.  Where do all of the other people sit…on the other side.  No blending into the back for me.  And of course I had to introduce myself first.  So if I  thought I was going to be able to pull of being an introvert during this experience I was completely wrong.

Luckily shortly after we broke into sections to starting working on the bigger numbers.  I was a little concerned by this because I was put in the alto section.  I’ve only ever sang as a second soprano.  I can sing lower but I have not before.  I also may have failed to mention that I can not read music.  Yea I know what in the world do I think I’m doing.  Because I can’t read anything and a whole lot of this is site reading…also can’t do…so my main concern was that I’m not experienced with those notes and it was going to take some serious work picking things up by ear.  To my surprise though everyone was a little nervous with notes.  I fell into a groove with everyone and by the first break I felt so much better.

All in all I felt good about it.  Everyone seems very nice.  I don’t think I will be as worried going into tomorrow.  Don’t ask me about Tuesday though.  That’s mersisters only rehearsal and all of my insecurities will be out in the open for the others to see.  But I’m so glad to be a part of this and there were moments where our voices, not yet polished, sounded so nice.  This is going to be a wonderful show!

Oh and by the way I found out my sea creature…I am a JELLYFISH!


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