Mermaid Chronicles: How do I sing in an ensemble again?

imageAfter another day of Mermaid rehearsal I am finding myself trying very hard to remember how to sing in an ensemble.  In elementary and middle school my school did not have a music program.  Even in high school all we did was sing as a group in church.  We did not have a choir.  I did not learn how to read music.  I didn’t learn to solfege.  But I always had a good ear and I could carry a tune with good pitch.

When I was in college I was looking for an elective class when I came across Women’s Chorus.  This was a non-music major choir that you didn’t have to audition for.  I thought I can do this.  It wasn’t until the first day that I realized I was completely out of my league.  Everyone knew so much and I didn’t realize I knew so little.  I ended up making it through those two semesters by making friends with other girls in my section.  I would listen to them sing the notes once and then I was able to pick it up.  Sometimes I could even pluck the notes out myself.  I learned so much from that choir.  I learned about how to read music, even if I don’t know what it means.  I learned about diction and inflection and how to say vowels correctly.  I learned to sing in multiple languages with and without accompaniment.  That choir gave me confidence.  It was the best part of my day during those semesters.

As I got older and started working with the show choir at school my skills were tested again.  The kids and leaders attended a camp at Southern Miss every summer.  While there we participated in a teachers show.  It was at this camp that I think I learned more than ever!  We were under the direction of the amazing Brian Johnson.  If I were a kid I would move just to have him as my teacher.  He is that great at what he does.  I learned to take notes in my music.  How to change up an arrangement.  How someone’s passion and enthusiasm for music can make you want to do better for them.  We also worked with John Flanery who is equally amazing.  Some of the most beautiful songs ever came under his direction.  I will always remember how beautiful singing with the kids was with him.

So as I’m starting to dive into the giant musical numbers of Mermaid I feel a little less scared.  I know I can’t do everything but I do know things.  More than I give myself credit for.  I’ve been skillful enough to position myself around people I know have a clue what they are doing (thank you Gabby).  I guess singing with a big group is like riding a bike.  I might have been a while since the last time I’ve done this but I can do it.  I know I can.

PS.  Love my mersisters! We had a really good rehearsal last night and I already feel like we are gonna be the best sisters ever.  Yay daughters of Triton #squadgoals


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