My Photo Man



When I was just starting high school my sister had a very best friend named Maddie.  Maddie’s dad was a photographer.  I’d known him basically my entire life.  He took my dance pictures when I was little.  I never really knew him on a personal level.  As a freshman I didn’t have many commitments and as any 14 year old I had zero cash.  Mr Bobby asked me if I could package some pictures for him.  Little did I know that that would start a relationship that has continued for almost 15 years.

I started to work for Robert Montero Photography on a regular basis somewhere around 2002.  What started out with just packaging became managing money, filling out forms and button making.  It soon moved to being his right hand lady for a very large dance studio where I helped take orders, packages pictures, made buttons, and assisted parents.  One year Mr Bobby double booked himself.  His daughter had prom the same day of the recital.  Because of that I got to take pictures of the dancers during the show.  Thus my genuine love of photography was born.

I have learned everything I know about taking pictures from this man.  He has gone out of his way to be help to me.  He has gone out of his way to explain things and help me find ways of making extra cash.  A few years ago he gave me a second hand Nikon D70 as a thank you gift.  You would have thought he had given me gold.  I owe a lot to this man.  I would do anything for him.

Turns out lately I’ve been able to put my words to the test.  I was there for him and his family when his ex-wife passed away unexpectedly last year.  I was there for him and his family when he went through kidney cancer.  Then again last summer when he found out he had cancer again.  I tried to imagine a world where he wasn’t in it.  I could not.  My life would not be the same without Mr Bobby.  Not because of his resources or knowledge and not because of the help he has given me financially but because I can’t imagine someone so important not being there.  He has done so much for me and he is so amazing at his job.  Check out his website and see how great he is,  Or just check out these images below.  He is truly one of a kind.

He even managed to make me beautiful 🙂


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