Unrealistic Expectations from a Pin Board

I am guilty, as I’m sure many of you are as well, of loving Pinterest.  I don’t know about you guys but I have tons of boards.  I have a board for Disney.  I have a board for food.  I have a board for Christmas present ideas.  But I think we all have that one board that is slightly less realistic than the others.  For some its a wedding board.  For others its one for their home projects or clothes they want to buy.

Most of us will not have a $10,000 wedding dress.  Most of us will not have center pieces as tall as we are.  We also won’t have a rock on our hand that is the size of our face.  Pinterest has given a skewed version of what real life is when it comes to things like this.  Its ok to have a reception at a community center.  Its ok to have a 1 karat ring on your finger.  As long as the person you are marrying is right for you the rest shouldn’t matter.  We live in a culture though of one upping each other.  To me this is silly.  You need to be investing in your future not a day.  Don’t make your parents go bankrupt buying to a jeweled gown that you will only wear once.  Its ok to be a little lower key.  Its ok to not spend a fortune.   My wedding cost less than $6000 and I loved every single minute of it.  I didn’t have fancy flowers or a hugely decorated reception.  What I did have was an amazing man waiting for me at the end of an aisle and that is priceless.

Wedding boards aren’t the only thing that can give you a blurred since of reality when it comes to your life compared to others.  The crazy houses with amazing pools are not a common thing.  Professionally photographs for every single occasion in your life probably will not happen.  And most likely that recipe you are trying is not going to look exactly like the picture when you are done.  I don’t say this to make it seem like everything on there is bad.  I just think it can suck you into its on Pinterest world and sometimes that is just not reality.

There can also be an upside to the Pinterest board though.  My example is my board title “One Day.”  Many people have the same type of board.  We always like looking at the cute baby clothes or nursery ideas and want to save them for later.  Lots of times people actually get to use those ideas.  Unfortunately for me that day hasn’t yet come but I’m not giving up hope.  So I will keep pinning positive things to my “One Day” board.  Adoption photo shoots, birthday party ideas, and tutus because I know one day its going to happen.  Pinning these kinds of things helps me to remember that even if I can’t do it myself we can still build our family and I can’t wait for that.  So stay positive Pinteresters and don’t be too hard on yourself when your DIY doesn’t come out or your wedding center piece looks weird.  It will all be uniquely YOU!


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